This Nintendo Wii Keyboard Is Slimy

Dragon Quest X online players, if you are looking for a Wii compatible keyboard, you have an array of choices. If you are looking for a Wii compatible keyboard with miniature Slime figures on the function keys, have I got a keyboard for you.

Priced at ¥3,980 (US$51) and out August 2 in Japan, the keyboard's keys are also covered with cute little Slime icons. Just check out that spacebar. Incredible.

HORI,キートップにスライムのフィギュアが乗ったWii対応キーボードを発表 [4Gamer]


    Slimy is one of those words that sounds awesome as a kid but awful as an adult.

    Oh god, maybe I /AM/ an adult.

    I want one for my computer.

    I want one for monster hunter

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