This Nutty Graphics Card Looks Like Ammo For A Sci-Fi Gun

Colorful, a Chinese firm specialising in Nvidia cards, is bringing us this. The iGame GTX 680. It's ostensibly just a single GTX 680, currently Nvidia's flagship single-GPU card. But look at it.

The iGame GTX 680 doesn't have a fan like just about every card on the planet. Instead, it packs its own pair of giant aluminium heatsinks, which include 20 heatpipes and a total of 240 aluminium fins.

While this would likely take up half the inside of your PC, if you've got a window or transparent panel, it does look pretty badass. Like something Commander Shepard would find lying around before wondering to himself, wait a minute, since when did my guns need ammo?

Colorful plays with fire, plans passive GeForce GTX 680 [Hexus]


    Since Mass Effect 2.

    Thing is the "pretty" part of the GPU faces the bottom of your case and can't be seen even with a window. In my case you only see the side and back of the card.

    Looks cool

    Granted there's a tonne of heat sink space, but if your computer is like mine the airflow through the PCI-e is not what the case fans are focussing on, which means graphics card fans are a must.


    Bet you could overclock the absolute sh1t outta that

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