This Picture Is Easily The Best Thing From Game Masters

A friend showed me the above pic from Game Masters in Melbourne for the ACMI website. I knew instantly that I had to share it. Everything about it is perfect. Just perfect.

You have Tim Schafer — jaw agape, intense — playing, I think, a Firemint game, most likely one of the Real Racing games. Then next to him you have the Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu, trying his god darn best to pretend he knows what the hell is going on. Then you have the CEO of Firemint himself, Rob Murray — he's looking cool, although I don't know about the sweater/shirt combo. Then finally you have Warren Spector, who looks a little bit confused. But still, he's Warren Spector, so that's alright.

I just love every single thing about this picture. Every. Single. Thing.


    Gaming version of the Potsdam Conference pictures??

      hahaha, spot on.

    Warren Spector is thinking "I've devoted my life to advancing this medium. And now look what's happened to it. Fucking iPad gaming."


      I think you'd find that Warren Spector isn't a douchebag, unlike people who dismiss a gaming medium for the fun of it.

    I almost mistook Baillieu for the Hoff in the smaller image on the main page.

    Blonde in the back left... yeah boy!!

      Your mum called. It's time for your lunchtime nap.

    Ironically, I'd say Ballieu looks less confused that Schafer and Spector. What were they playing?


    I'm surprised Ted's tongue isn't sticking out the side of his mouth...

    Typing this out from inside ACMI, this is one of the greatest events I've ever attended. Worth the 8hr bus trip.

    In a perfect world, Ballieu's expression is a look of amazement.

    His eyes wide, his jaw agape, as he stares at the glorious images and movement in front of him and he thinks "I thought games were all Grand Theft Murder on the Atari, this is amazing! I have been so wrong about videogames. So WRONG!"

    He leaps from his stool, iPad crashing to the floor, and roars 'YOU THERE, WHAT DAY IS THIS?".
    To which a confused Tim Schafer, hair blown back and covered in Ballieu-spit, responds "ummm, what?"
    A red-faced Ballieu bellows "GOOD! THERE'S STILL TIME! I CAN STILL FUND ALL THE VIDEOGAMES! I CAN PUT ALL THE MONEY BACK! VICTORIA WILL BE THE GAME DEVELOPMENT CAPITAL OF VICTORIA!! FETCH MY HORSE AND CARRIAGE!!" and the premier storms out of the exhibition, kicking over a cardboard cutout of Peter Molyneux along the way.

    All the while, the man in the grey suit continues to look bored, and waits.....

      I wish there was any alternate universe where the above would be true, but then I remember it's Mr Spend-nothing-except-for-pay-increases-for-me-and-my-mates. Sorry if this sound a bit political but Mr Ballieu has watched thousands of jobs go, including those in the games industry, and does nothing; yet he'll gladly come out and "play them viddia gamez" for the press.

    haha this is great!

    The guy in the suit with the pose is the ACMI director who put this Game Masters exhibition together :)

    Got a flight to NZ, so stocked up on some 3DS games. Kid Icarus, Mario Tennis and Resident Evil.

    A Schafer/Spector sandwich... hot damn.

    Aw crap, I completely forgot about Tim Schafer being in Melbourne today.

    I thought Ted Bailleau was David Hasselhoff. wtf

    (Guy behind Rob Murray) "One MILLION dollars!"

    This moves me.

    Now I could be wrong but I was at the exhibition yesterday and If I remember correctly only one player was displayed on the projector. This means at least two of them aren't playing properly...

    Funny shit. Shaffer is off his chops!


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