This PlayStation Strategy-RPG Looks Pretty Neat

You might have heard of Rainbow Moon when it was announced late last year, but now that it finally has a late July release window, I'm starting to get psyched to play it.

Rainbow Moon will run you $US15 on the PlayStation Network. Check out the game's official Facebook page for more images and info.


    Is it made by the guys that did Dungeon Defenders? The narration and art style seems similar.

    It doesn't look great... The art is pretty out there, and I've played a LOT of SRPG's recently, so I'm hesitant to try one with subpar graphics when I can get a Nippon Ichi SRPG for $10 on Vita.

    whoever made the video fade to white so much needs to get fired

    Holy balls, this looks fucking amazing, ffffffffat loots! PLEASE make a Vita version that has transfaring., nothing is better than JSRPG on handheld.

    rainbow....moon... rainbow... moon... cow jumped over the rainbow moon.....

    There is an awful lot of screen judder in the special effects they are showing off. If alot of battle effects do that it could make the game unpleasent to play.

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