This Trippy Interactive Music Video Never Plays The Same Way Twice

This Trippy Interactive Music Video Never Plays The Same Way Twice

The brooklyn duo Chairlift has released a music video for their tune “Met Before”, and it’s something of a choose your own adventure… and depending on how you choose, that adventure can be dramatically different.

The story follows some PhD students who, upon hearing a loose definition of the idea of a multiverse (this must be an introductory lesson) leave class and wind up going on a variety of adventures. The first time, I followed lead singer Caroline Polachek (seen above) as she wandered around the woods with a radio antenna. It was sort of like Phantasmagoria only with no ghosts and way better music. But the second tim, I followed an entirely different path, starting with my decision at the very outset.

On the third time, I followed Patrick Wimberly (I think) as he cavalierly hoarked down some mushrooms he found in the woods and had an entirely different kind of music video experience, which involved raincoats.

I’m not sure how many different videos there are, but it’s hard not to play this and wish that more games were so generous with branching content! It’s like the second act of The Witcher 2 over and over again.

Watch/play the video below:

Good song, too. You can buy the whole record on iTunes.


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