This Watch Dogs Screenshot Sure Looks Next-Gen, Doesn’t It?

Ubisoft's been coy about what platforms its next open-world game will be coming out for, even if they've already said when. That it's coming to PC is a given, I think.

But this Watch Dogs screen that's been floating around today definitely looks like something destined for the next round of console hardware. But will Orbis or Durango be able to render this amount of detail? We'll see.


    When you see what Duncan Harris does on his Dead End Thrills website, you can see what the "current gen" is capable of.


    Screenshot looks like its straight out of GTA4 running ICEmod

    This shot doesn't indicate anything about next gen anything, its current PC at medium.

      But current PC's at medium will be what the next gen consoles will be capable of :P

      The gameplay itself looked pretty next gen and while this screenshot may not, it's definitely better than PC medium. People overestimate the graphical difference between PC and console games...we just haven't seen a PC exclusive that looks incredible yet (perhaps BF3 an exception or Witcher 2)

      Implying there's a global medium setting that all PC games adhere too, that an open world game looks the same on medium as a linear FPS. I lold

    Looks like the early GTAIV screenshots.

    this doesn't even look beyond the capabilities of current gen consoles you psycho

    As I wrote on that earlier post Yves Guillemot already confirmed 360, PS3 and PC in his Spike interview. He also said current demo was on a high end PC. Can we stop milking this for news now?!

    "Ubisoft's been coy" Their company president hasn't been coy about shit.

      Sorry for the triple post (can we get an edit button?), but just thought I'd add that in spite of which other platforms it lands on, that PC version does look fantastic.

    I love how *everytime* early game footage is released everyone forgets that it is comprised of 'bullshots'. In the industry it is a well known practice (I've never worked somewhere that hasn't done this) to run special builds on high end PC's for taking screenshots and capturing footage for the media.

    Next-gen is just current gen for PC. "Next-gen" consoles need to hurry up so all the developer's with the big money backing can hurry up and make some better looking games. With that said, this game looks like a lot of fun.

    Bullshots happen EVERYWHERE. You need only look at McDonalds and other fast food places that don't show the final sludge sandwich you end up with. As for this, it's not even pushing current PC's to their max, though we've yet to see exactly what kind of scope we'd be seeing . And anyway, look at that aliasing. If that IS next-gen well it's certainly not much of a leap is it? >_>

    If it is next gen, my money is on a name change prior to release. Something like say... Assassin's Creed 4?

    Can we stop talking about next-gen console nonsense?

    Consoles will always be behind PC, just say gorgeous pc graphics.

    so the nxt gen consoles are go'n to run a hex core cpu,2gb gpu, 12gb ram,60gb ssd plus 2tb hdd... i dont think so.
    esp as a rig with only a quad cpu,1gb gpu,4gb ram and 500gb hdd would give that screen image.

      size of your hard drive would have no afect on the quality of the screen shot

        i agree my point was that even a low-average spec pc would be able to produce such an image. Plus i cant see the nxt gen console beening equip w

        i agree my point was that even a low-average spec pc would be able to produce such an image. Plus i cant see the nxt gen console beening equip with anything like a mid to high end pc rig. o mean if the wii U cant even run 2 handhelds without cutting its fps in half, whats the 720/p4 processing power going to be.......

      If next gen can pump out that level of detail at 1080p and a decent framerate then I can't wait.

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