Those Adorable Mini Ninjas Get Kinect-ified For Xbox Live Arcade

We've not heard much from Hiro and his tiny assassin friends since 2009's Mini Ninjas, which makes sense; you're not supposed to hear ninja. Fans will get a chance to learn that for themselves come June 29, when Square Enix releases Mini Ninjas Adventures, a Kinect-powered fight-fest for Xbox Live arcade.

Hinted at back in March via trademark filings that greatly excited our resident Australian, Mini Ninjas Adventures follows Hiro through 21 levels of gesture-based combat, mini-games and boss fights on a quest to rescue his master and colleagues from the evil Samurai Warlord.

Expect plenty of standing in front of your television, flailing with great purpose.

Developed by Side-Kick Ltd. (appropriately enough), Mini Ninjas Adventures will be available June 29 in North America and Europe for the low, low price of 800 Microsoft points. Perhaps it'll show those damn Fruit Ninja how it's done. I'm sure we'll find out for certain next week, when some poor soul that's not me gets to try it out at E3 2012.


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