Three Important Notes About Metro Last Light

Three Important Notes About Metro Last Light
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At a recent showcase for THQ games such as Darksiders 2 and Company of Heroes 2, the moody first-person shooter Metro Last Light stood out most effectively.

It had an upsetting live-action trailer.

And it had a creepy demo involving two Russian survivors of a nuclear attack who exited the protection of a fortified underground refuge to creep and shoot their way through a destroyed urban landscape.They explored a crashed plane, fought off beastly wolves and struggled all the while to find fresh air to breathe.

I took the following notes that succinctly remind of the reasons that this 2013 game is one to care about…

1) This is not a Western post-Apocalypse. It’s a post-Soviet one, with a mix of realism, mysticism and folklore… ghosts, demons and gritty drama

2) One of the game’s developers says: “Our bid is to combat shooter fatigue…[to fight] against the sense that sigle-player is just a shooting gallery.”

3) And he also says, “I’d love to say enjoy the demo but frankly I hope it gives you nightmares.”

That’s pretty much enough for me. I want to play this thing.

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