Tokyo Was Made For Giant Monsters, Giant Girls And Camera Tricks

For decades, Tokyo has been a battlefield. Huge monsters and heroes duke it out, crushing cars like bugs and destroying buildings like they were made of toy blocks. But it's not only miniature models that make Tokyo perfect for monsters. Camera tricks do the job, too.

Above is a series of photos that use tilt shift photography to create the diorama effect — which makes photos look like small-scale models. Besides Gamera, the photos also show jumbo-sized anime heroines like Kirino Kosaka from My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute.

Digirama, as they are called, are not new. However, new tilt shift software helps photographers and hobbyists pull off even more realistic digital dioramas.

There's some very modern old fashioned about digital dioramas. Like traditional dioramas, they are optical illusions. Unlike traditional dioramas, they are not tangible.

The contrast between giant monsters and anime heroines is interesting: a giant monster stomping through Tokyo is expected, while the anime heroines are not. Yet, the heroines don't look entirely out of place. Monster figures make the diorama style photos look more "real", while the anime characters create the reverse effect: the photos look even more unreal.

今回はいつもと少し趣旨を変えまして、 [Tamaki's Little Teasure]

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    woooow... i can see Kirino pantsu from here :D

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