Tony Hawk And Guitar Hero Development Team Heeds The Call Of Duty

Neversoft, the Activision development studio known for introducing Tony Hawk to video games and carrying the Guitar Hero torch, updated its website to reflect its new role supporting the Call of Duty franchise. Fingers crossed for skateboarding guitarist zombies. [Gamespot]


    Oh where for out thou next gen tony hawk / skate?

    Wait, doesn't that mean there are four companies handling COD now? Are Activision trying for quaterly releases now? -_-

    So you're saying we should expect a zombie version of Jimi Hendrix that skates?

    That picture says it all...

      The memories...

    i would like to see Treyarch and Neversoft working together on a COD game. That would be sweet :)

    Call of Nollie: Combat Skating?

    On another note, can't wait for the HD release of Pro Skater... day one buy just for the memories!

    spot making tiny articles that dont need opening :P

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