Trolls Plunder EVE Economy For Trillions Again

I'm trying to remember the last time I read something about EVE Online that involved typical features of an MMO. Like, I don't know, new missions, new ships or character classes. Instead, every time I see EVE in the news, it's for players looting and pillaging the in-game economy. Because this is basically a galactic Libertarian wet dream, this kind of thing isn't considered cheating, hacking or even an exploit.

The makers, near as I can tell, typically respond with something along the lines of "Jolly good show!"

This time, the Goonswarm faction figured out how to exploit — even though that word isn't being used by maker CCP — a reward system introduced in the recent Inferno expansion. Trying to explain it makes my head hurt, but the basic feature here is, with the expansion players were rewarded for ship kills with "loyalty points" based on the value of the destroyed ship and cargo. A bug meant they also got loyalty points for surviving cargo. So a group of pilots began destroying their own freighters full of minerals, using the spoils to buy items for sale.

The skullduggery didn't end there, writes Massively. CCP fixed the bug, but then the GoonSwarm figured out how to artificially spike the price of an item up to a ridiculous number. Then they destroyed haulers full of that item, reaped the "loyalty points" for doing so, and cashed out the points for nearly 5 trillion in ISK, Eve's in-game currency.

"You have our condolences as we roll around in literal Scrooge McDuck towers full of your ISK," Eve player Aryth writes on the game's official forums. "Numerous publord superstars have taken massive losses as we slam buys to nothing, then erect gigantic, unassailable walls of sells at a price that ensures that any stock held by anyone is without value. This last part has mostly been done because we can."

Eve Players Loot New In-Game System For Unheard-of Wealth, Troll Everyone [GameInformer]

EVE players abuse faction warfare to produce trillions of ISK [Massively]


    How can this be described as a Libertarian wet dream when fraud (which is what making use of exploited reward systems is) is expressly prohibited in Libertarian type economic systems? Maybe you don't understand Libertarianism?

      this kind of thing ISN'T considered cheating, hacking or even an exploit.

      Don't worry, you just need to keep reading, kid

      Who cares Brett?

        Anyone tricked into thinking Libertarianism is about looting and pillaging?


      Thank you. I agree.

      "expressly prohibited" and "Libertarian"... Maybe you don't understand Libertarianism?

    I've always found everything that goes on in this game really interesting. The only problem is when I actually tried playing it, I was completely lost and couldn't work out what the hell I was meant to be doing!

      It's also a useful example of what happens when you remover restrictions etc on the market.

    Hate the game. Can not stand it. I find the controls to be bothersome, the quest system redundant and the atmosphere to be dull. Having said that, I dearly wish I could like this game. I really do. I love the ship designs and the idea behind the whole game. And I very much enjoy reading up on all the stuff that happens in the game because of the players. I love it.

    Just wish I could enjoy this game.

      If you're running missions, you're playing eve wrong

        If you think it is possible to play EVE wrong, you're not playing it at all.

    Man, I love the EVE Online stories. I've never touched the game but everything I hear about it is usually funny and has a 'how the hell did they do that' quality to it.

    Is there a YouTube series of some sort that summarises the weekly events of the MMO? I would love a short 5-10min recap every week, with silly graphs and everything.

      That would be pretty cool.

      Sign up, make the videos, sell ads/features on corps in your youtube for ISK. Become Scrooge McDuck, harvest tears, become your own news , get a piece on Kotaku.
      Harvest more tears.

    These types of scams and tricks are why I love EVE. It goes to show how resourceful some gamers can be.

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