Ubisoft Movie Plans May Include Splinter Cell And Watch Dogs

Fresh off a rumour that says Paramount is considering a Splinter Cell film comes word that several domains have been registered for a movie version of Watch Dogs, the surprise sensation of E3 after a positive debut.

Fusible, the domain watchdog watching Watch Dogs, says that just this week Ubisoft registered Watch-Dogsmovie.com and Watch-Dogsthemovie.com, among others.

The timing of the registrations and the newness of the game (due for a 2013 release) make it a reasonable bet this is just a protective action to park ownership of a title more than it is evidence of a deal actually in the works. Still, some day we're going to get the simultaneous release of a new video game and a movie based on it, instead of the other way around.

As for Splinter Cell, Deadline reports that Paramount is the frontrunner to land a Splinter Cell film, not least because the company has a lot of experience producing a bunch of other Tom Clancy-branded films.

Ubisoft may be planning ‘Watch Dogs' video game movie according to domains [Fusible]


    Well, they've screwed the SC games, so why not goatse it by making a film?

    More like ghost recon alpha please and thank you . I bet that got so many people to buy game

    Ys I wud luv 2 see syphon filter film, pls

      I would love to see a fucking vowel.

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