Ubisoft Promises 2013 Watch Dogs Release, Remains Cagey About Platform

We're still guessing about whether Ubisoft's highly impressive Watch Dogs is in fact one of a few of E3's stealth-reveals of the next generation of gaming.

What we saw sure seemed too intricate and advanced to run on current gaming consoles. But Ubisoft has remained cagey about when and on what platforms the game will be released.

On the 5th, however, the official Watch Dogs twitter feed tweeted the following:

So, "consoles", eh? That's as cagey as Face/Off, is what that is. That's Cagier than Leaving Las Vegas.

It is highly unlikely that any next-gen consoles will be out in 2013, of course. Then again, the game could be released for PC and then later on whatever the next Xbox and PS3 are. Or, a watered-down version could be released for current ports. Or, or, or...

In other words, other than that 2013 bit, we don't really know anything new. But hey, that's something.


    What do you mean highly unlikely that next-gen consoles will be out next year? If you want to be pedantic the Wii U will be out this year, and surely it's odds on that at least one of the other console makers will have something new out by next christmas.

      Yeah, I would have thought that christmas 2013 is a strong possibility for next-gen consoles.

        Console manufacturers always leave room for their their consoles to be judged before finalising the product. If say for instance they unveiled the console and nobody likes the look of the controller, then they have at least a year to listen to critics and implement changes if possible. All this to say that since MS and Sony did not unveil new consoles at this E3, there will very likely not be new consoles by christmas next year.

      Not sure of that... from what I've seen the Wii U is current gen with gimmicks. just like the Wii is last gen with a gimmick.
      I am not putting down the Wii, it's a fun system, but it was built to compete against the likes of the PS2, not PS3.

      That said what we've heard of the PS4 makes it sound like an Apple Mac (We'll use PC hardware, then limit it so it can only run our software, and we limit our software to only run on our hardare).

    lol he this guy thinks Wii U is next gen... this makes me giggle.

      Yeah, it's current gen. Like the 3DS isn't next gen, it's the same as a PSP.

        Your definition is bad and you should feel bad.

    I dont care what its on, I just want it!

    love the clowns that think they define whats next gen. If you want to go simply by graphics then consoles arent even on the radar as PC defines next gen graphics. However if your referring to console gen then then the next gen currently begins with the WiiU regardless how anyone wishes to modify the definition to suit themselves

    Eh? Yves Guillemot already confirmed 360, PS3 and PC in his Spike interview.

      They're desperate to wring as much "news" out of this as they can.

      As you said, PC, 360 and PS3 have been confirmed and anyone paying the slightest amount of attention already knows this.

    His coat alone is miles ahead of anything currently in games..

    Ha hahahaha ha ha ha.... Cagey

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