Unboxing An Atari Computer From 1983

Continuing my dust-covered crusade against modern unboxings, here's another vintage unboxing, in which an Atari 800XL from 1983 is transferred lovingly from the packaging to the outside world.

The 800XL was essentially a cheaper and nastier version of the Atari 800, albeit with fancier packaging. It couldn't even run some Atari 800 programs natively, requiring a "translator" disk to port some code over.

Unboxing: 1983 Atari 800XL home computer [Justin76pa]



    Its funny to think back in those days you had Atari,Commodore,amstrad,Apple,Sinclair/Spectrum as well as smaller players like Tandy,Acorn,Texas Instruments Etc.and not forgetting the 30 Japanese brands that made the MSX computers all making what was essientally the same thing.
    At least these days theres less chance of picking a lemon like the Atari's.They were good computers, better than the Commodore in many ways but lost the marketing and price war which led to worse support.

    My first gamig rig! Got it when i was 5 years old. The Bruce Lee game was awesome on it!

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