Uncharted, BioShock Stars Punch Their Way Into Sony's PlayStation Fighter

I'm loathe to wander down this path again, after the horror that was Nintendo's marketing push for the last Smash Bros., but these characters are probably important enough to warrant the update: Nathan Drake and BioShock's Big Daddy will be making an appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

While their reveal was surely meant to be as part of some grandiose E3 presentation, the pair showed up on a character voting poll on the game's site over the weekend, spilling the beans a little early.

The Big Daddy will presumably come with two attacks: drill, and stomp. Drake, meanwhile, will be a little more diverse, able to take down opponents with a swoon, tuck, half-tuck or the dreaded double tuck.

Big Daddy and Nathan Drake revealed for PlayStation All Stars [NeoGAF]


    I'm surprised that Big Daddy is making it into this game. Obviously there aren't enough iconic Playstation-only characters to flesh out a fighting game roster, but BioShock in particular was an Xbox exclusive at first.

    Maybe they should go ahead and make a multiplatform roster fighting game title and allow cross platform play. That'd get me interested in fighting games again.

    Well, that and DOA5.

      I don't think they have any shortage of their own characters, but there's nothing wrong with chucking in a few 3rd party ones as well. It's like suggesting Nintendo lack their own characters and so needed to top up the Smash Bros roster with the likes of Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog. It's just a few bonuses on top of their own exclusive characters.

        In those cases though, Solid Snake was put in because Kojima literally begged Sakurai to add him in, and Sonic was added due to overwhelming fan requests.

      Actually, Bioshock was never a Xbox exclusive, it came out on PC and 360 at the same time, originally a PC development.

      However, a cross-platform fighter, as impossible as it would be to get onlince across platforms, sounds like a great idea.

    I'm actually going to give this a fair shot.

    The one thing that all Smash Bros has been lacking is a decent (online) multiplayer setup.

    Didn't expect Big Daddy, so happy that he's in it, though.

    They need Crash Bandicoot in there, the second they do that. I'm in. I'll even buy a PS3 for it.

      ... Jak and Daxter as well, they certainly deserve a shot

        There's a Jak and Daxter world. Of course they'll be in it.

      Holy crap, yes. Big Daddy vs Crash bandicoot vs Sackboy vs Ratchet and Clank... man.

    The beauty of super smash bros. - especially on the cube - was that it incorporated characters that not everyone would be instantly familiar with (at least not in AUS) - ness and captain falcon, when I was a kid - I had no idea who they were, but Nintendo introduced some of their franchises to me through BROS. Sony need to put more of their franchise characters in for sure, they definitely have a back log and they definitely could fill a roster of 25-30 with their own IP/exclusives. It even enables people to go WOW, THIS GUYS COOL ---> buys old game.

    FTR: They should have a colossus.

      well, they have freaking parrapa the rapper, possibly one of the least known sony characters ever...

        and Fat Princess. It wouldn't make sense to announce unpopular characters at this point, expect em later.

    It would be so AWESOME if Sony had a secret deal with Nintendo to have Mario a 'surprise' boss. That would seriously kick ass and have people 'lighten up' over this so called Console War

    See, now I have the image of a Big-daddy drill attack a la the original bioshock teaser... Performed on Parappa.

    Idea for the Big Daddy's Super: His hand will appear in first person view looking at the stage and when you press different buttons, it shoots various plasmids out of the hand.

    Idea for Drake's Supers:
    Level 2: It should be called, "Everything You Touch Turns to Sh*t" and is literally the case. You receive an mystical item that when thrown at another player will turn them into crap.
    Level 3: Drake's level 3 Super will see the stage they're on rock and rumble with falling boulders that 1-hit KO's.

    This game NEEDS a taunt button. No one has mentioned it at all in the previews.

    Pressing L1 or whatever on the N64 Smash Brothers to taunt and seeing Mario grow along with the sound is just gold.

    Nathan Drake was expected, but Big Daddy was certainly a surprise contender. Im pleased though.

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