Unreal Engine 4 Makes Its Television Debut

Epic tonight gave the world its first look at Unreal Engine 4, the skeleton that - if this generation of hardware is anything to go by - a lot of your next-gen games are going to be built around.

Company president Mike Capps has told Spike that Epic has a "couple" of next gen games in development, and also mentioned a game that was being "targeted at PC".

The cinematic demo showed a large armoured man brooding in a ruined, lava-filled castle, giving the developers a chance to show off everything from weather effects to lighting to sparks.

The impressive footage was apparently running on a "personal computer" that was using only a single graphics card.

If you didn't catch it live, check back with us in a few hours for HD video of Epic's teech demo.


    uhh, wasn't this shown months ago?

      not the actual video

        Its not being shown now either! Why did they bother posting this without the video?

    whats with the lack of info, whens it on wheres the link............


      If you didn’t catch it live, check back with us in a few hours for HD video of Epic’s teech demo.

        It's not actually obvious (even the "Here Are Even More Unreal Engine 4 Demos" article links back here), but this is where the actual footage can be found:

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