Updated: The Best Games You Should Play On Any Platform

We've updated our lists of the best games you can play on just about any machine that plays games. These our our top picks for everything from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to Nintendo 3DS and Android.

You can see all the updates at their respective categories, all listed below.

We've made the most changes on Best PS3, Best iPhone, Best iPad, Best Vita and Best Facebook games. Bear in mind that all lists will be capped at 12 games, after which we swap games in and out.

  • On iPhone, we've swapped out Angry Birds for Angry Birds Space and cut Cut the Rope for Ghost Trick.
  • On iPad, we've cut Collision Effect for Ghost Trick. (Yes, we really like Ghost Trick!)
  • On Facebook, we've added a batch: Angry Birds Friends, Avengers Alliance, Bubble Witch Saga, Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution and You Don't Know Jack. We've also removed Dragon Age Legends since that game has been deactivated on Facebook.
  • On Vita, we've added Gravity Rush and Where is My Heart?.
  • On Android, we've added Angry Birds Space and Triple Town.
  • On PS3, we've swapped Flower for its extraordinary successor, Journey.

We will continue to add or swap in new games as we discover them, play them and fall head over heels for them. We did like a bunch of games that came out over the last few months, including Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3, Diablo III and Trials Evolution, but none were extraordinary enough to convince us, as a team, to bump out the games we have on their respective platforms.

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    Most of the 360/PS3 games are better on PC, why would anyone play them on consoles?

      At the risk of feeding the trolls, because I don't have a gaming PC and generally prefer the ease of playing games on my big TV through my 360/PS3.

      Because we're lowly serfs under the harse whip of the PC Master Race?

      I get what your saying to an extent, but the fact is, I spent an hour last night trying to get voice chat working on Serious Sam 3 working last night. This just doesn't happen in 360. So while I prefer PC, I don't begrudge anyone who can't be stuffed.

        So, you prefer having time than money?
        Voice chat may be easy on 360, but you have to pay to talk to anyone.

          ...are you seriously suggesting that PC gaming is the cheaper option?

            It is if you already own a PC and plan on buying more than 1 game.

        Serious Sam 3 uses steam-works doesn't it? Why don't you just click their name in your steam friend list and hit start voice call?

      As someone who can't afford a decent PC, I bought BF3 on X360.

      I played it once on PC, and it's a different fucking game. You can't have BF on console.

    The 360 list looks like it should be a joke.

    That android list is ridiculous! No Zenonia (1+2 especially)? Skyforce? GTA3? Wha?

    Also it should probably take into account that you can play ANY GBA, SNES, NES, N64, Mega Drive, or arcade (via MAME) game you want with emulators. I'm not sure how, but maybe some appendix about best emulators?

      wont see that one any time soon. considering emulation is technically illegal.



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