Valve Gives Away Portal 2 For Free To Teachers With ‘Steam For Schools’

Valve Gives Away Portal 2 For Free To Teachers With ‘Steam For Schools’

If you’ve played games like Team Fortress 2 or Portal, you know that Valve loves making players learn. The company’s already got a foothold in bringing their games into the educational space and that commitment’s going to get bigger.

Today, at the Games for Change conference, Valve’s Leslie Redd and Yaser Malaika announced that they’ll be giving away their hit game Portal 2 for free, via the new Steam for Schools initiative. After signing up for a beta, educators will be able to get the popular sequel, the recently launched Perpetual Testing Initiative level maker and sample levels. Students making levels won’t be able to share levels outside of a physical classroom, though. For more info, head over to


  • This is all kinds of awesome. I’m sure the learning in these classrooms would be a billion times more effective than just copying notes from a whiteboard. I hope this leads kids to become the great minds of tomorrow 🙂

  • Good for Valve. I’ve never played a quality “educational” game – what needs to happen is “educational elements” being added to existing, great games.

  • Reminds me of how we had to map out the entirety of King’s Quest (VGA remake) for a class in primary school. So much fun was had. Can’t remember my teachers name anymore but he sure loved his adventure games

  • I used the Portal Gun video posted on Kotaku a couple of weeks ago to teach terminal velocity. My classes loved it. Getting this up an running at schools would be fantastic. Not sure how the rest of the staff would embrace it. I’ll see how I go.

  • Perhaps valve could do the same for HL3!
    Gordon is a
    >Theoretical Physicsis
    Everything a school physics teacher would ever dream of being

  • Lovely idea but they need to talk with the actual techs not the teachers, all public schools go through proxy systems which cannot be connected to the steam service (we have tried) even bypassing the proxies we get a denial of service because we are on a business adsl connection that will not allow steam to work for some reason even internode couldnt explain. We have gone with minecraft though which is pretty cool

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