Valve Is Making A Left 4 Dead Prequel After All


    Hate to burst your bubble but its just DLC for Payday...

    That's so misleading lol

    Despite some vague implications from Valve that this wasn’t the case, Valve is indeed working with developers Overkill on a DLC pack for Payday: The Heist called No Mercy that will put players in the Mercy Hospital from Left 4 Dead, pre zombie outbreak. There is currently no release date announced.

    Fixed it for you.

    kotaku is home of the misleading headline.


    For fuck sake, I am so sick of these bullshit-misleading headlines. Running low on readers? It might be because of all the piss poor articles these last few months. Clean up your act, guys. It's not funny any more.


    Kotaku does it again.

    When ur short on traffic, u gotta do what you gotta do.

    The Kotaku mentality:
    "Guys, we are low on traffic! What do we do?"
    "Hmm.. maybe we could produce some quality and interesting articles that aren't half a**ed and relevant to gaming?"
    "Nah f**k that, let's just make more sh*t articles but with misleading headlines to lose even more readers"


    Waaah misleading articles! Kotaku not the same as it use to be!! Rabble rabble Derpa derp

    Am I going to have to add Kirk to the list of morons making Kotaku a shittier place for everyone? (Along with Bashcraft and Plunkett)

    On topic, did anyone else think that Payday really sucked? I bought it when it was on sale on steam and really regretted it.

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