Valve's Hat-Based Economy Now Has Its Own Hat-Based Economist

The creators of Team Fortress 2 have hired their very own economist to help out with their various crazy hat-based projects.

Writing on his new blog over at Valve's website, newly-minted consultant Yanis Varoufakis discusses how he met with Valve chief Gabe Newell and put a deal together.

"Within hours, an agreement was reached: I would become, in some capacity (that was to be hammered out later), Valve's economist-in-residence," he writes.

"My intention at Valve, beyond performing a great deal of data mining, experimentation, and calibration of services provided to customers on the basis of such empirical findings, is to to go one step beyond; to forge narratives and empirical knowledge that (a) transcend the border separating the ‘real' from the digital economies, and (b) bring together lessons from the political economy of our gamers' economies and from studying Valve's very special (and fascinating) internal management structure."

And hats. Never forget hats.



    So the mad hatter finally shows his ugly mug?

    This is fantastic news for us traders.
    They were talking about a Shared currency between games, most likely TF2 and Dota 2, does this mean they also see their hats/keys/metal as currency? so every time a new item is added, it fluctuates to accompany it (Think Team Captain).

    Valve, taking hats to the next level!

    could someone explain to me why people care so much about hats and other cosmetic items in tf2, i've played for years and havent been able to grasp an understanding

      If you do not understand by now, unfortunately it is unlikely that you will. It is merely out of a desire to personalise your classes.

        That's only part of it. I have enough hats and miscs to personalise each class in a ridiculous number of combinations, and at the time I stopped playing, I had every hat and misc that I actually intended to use. I was still trying to collect the rest because of something I like to call Pokemon syndrome.

        i understand the personalisation aspect, but what i dont understand is that people are willing to pay hundreds dollars for one.

          The same reason why people spend a fortune on a car that does the same job as a car that goes for a few thousand.

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