Video Game Companies Really Shouldn't Send Abusive Text Messages

Maybe they've been drinking. Maybe they're just arseholes. Whichever it is, these abusive text messages from major video game companies can at times be painfully unfunny, but at others - ahem, Capcom - be heart-breakingly on the money.

These were put together by IGN. We've got some of the better ones here, but the full collection is at the link below.

Texts From Video Game Companies [IGN]


    What abusive texts?

    Real in what way?

    Aw come on guys just have a laugh

    They're not abusive, they're satirical.

      When I first read the title I thought it was going to be examples of employers harassing or abusing their employees.

    Ea = money money money

    Hai guis i found another funny image on the internet so i thought id link it to you guis lol

      *hugs* I hope this makes you feel better. Hang in there man :(

      This post was funnier than any of the those pics.

      The reason autocorrects and iPhone things are funny is because they are real and unplanned. As soon as you plan them or make them up..... not funny in the slightest.

      I didn't look at who wrote this but I suppose I can guess.

        The Dog to Owner txts are pretty funny.

        PS. They aren't real!

    Funny, but...meh

    You'd come so far Luke

    To quote an old Paula Abdul song... it describes your journalism Luke...

    "I take... two step forwards I take two steps back..."

    I think I'm dumb, as I cannot find any humour in this post :/

    ffs you guys complain wayyyy too much.

    Painfully unfunny is right.

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