Watch 6 Minutes Of New Super Mario Bros. U

So the Nintendo conference was pretty weak, I think we can all agree on that, but one of the most overlooked aspects of it — I think — was the fact that New Super Mario Bros. U looked incredibly sharp and super polished. This gameplay footage, from Nintendo World Report, seems to confirm my suspicions: it looks a little bit awesome.

Sure New Super Mario Bros. U regurgitates similar gameplay to previous Mario games, but the level design looks pitch perfect, and I've been waiting a while to see Mario in HD. The great thing about NSMB Wii was the fact that traditional Mario gameplay was recreated, but also massively improved upon. The inventive, and ultimately difficult, levels really transformed that game into something quite special, and I'm hoping Nintendo does a similar thing with New Super Mario Bros U.

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    The backgrounds look really good. Very shiny. Not really sure the co-op with one person on the gamepad would be all that fun, though. Maybe it in the later levels when it gets a bit harder those platforms would be more useful. At least you still have the option for 4-player runs, that was the best bit about NSMB Wii.

      Yeah, I actually really hate the extra platforms option. Seems like a really extraneous co-op option, like the stuff in Mario Galaxy 2.

      4 player co-op, though. YES.

    Looks really nice! I hope Mario Galaxy 3 is being developed somewhere. And a new Donkey Kong and Metroid from Retro!

      Dunno why but I look at Metroid other M and think that it would have really benefitted from the Wii Us tablet. Just the whole changing from 2D to 3D thing could be done by the tablet arrangement much better....maybe.

    Looks sexy but those poles are wayyyy too easy to jump to the top of

    Those little coloured blocks that kept popping up looked annoying.

      That's the second playing tapping on the gamepad to drop the blocks. If you have someone that knows what they are doing, it won't be nearly as bad or annoying (although I can see myself dropping blocks to stop jumps hehehe).
      I wasn't impressed by the conference, but man did me and my partner enjoy NSMB Wii. This looks every bit as good and better!

    HD Mario looks awesome, definately one of my highlights of the show! I love the fact that U looks like it's taking the best of NSMB Wii, and improving on those elements even further. They are good examples of how timeless Mario really is.

    For some reason I did not like New Super Mario Bros on the Wii hoping Wii U will be better

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