Watch Dogs May Be My Favourite Game Of E3 So Far...

Obviously the jury is still out but, personally, Watch Dogs has — by far — been the most exciting thing to come out of E3. A new IP, with original ideas, from a major studio... that didn't leak before the conference? Well, the bar's been set pretty low, so Watch Dogs completely blew me away.

Yes the name isa bit... rubbish, but the high concept is solid — you play as a chap who has the power to affect technology, to hack people's phones on the fly, switch traffic lights, etc. It's a cool, fiddly game set in what seems like a semi open world. I really love that Watch Dogs appears to have its own grounded universe. It looks like great stuff.

I loved the walkthrough, besides the silly pompous opening of course! Looking forward to seeing more.


    Ubisoft Montreal and what appears to be an improved Assassin's Creed engine and a new IP? Sounds wonderful.

    *watches gameplay demo*

    ... I suddenly wonder if I'll even need to buy GTAV. This looks *excellent*

    What exactly about the into was pompous? I thought it did a good job of getting the games backstory and scope across.

    I love the link to real history, with the blackout. Definitely on my radar with Beyond Two Souls now.

    Will have to keep an eye out for this one.

    Just watched the gameplay of this and it looks absolutely brilliant, both gameplay and visually. That city!

    What platforms?! for the love of god what platforms?!?!

      Ubisoft loves every one. I reckon it'll be on every thing, with the obligatory three month PC delay. :P

    What if we 'think' we are playing a game, but in fact it's a ploy and we are actually contributing to national defence... a la war games!

    Loved the sneak trailer, but I got a bit disappointed by the gameplay footage.

    A game like this doesn't need so much shooting!

    Holy Sh!t - the gameplay of this game is unreal...sign me up!

    Looks like a cross between GTA and Splinter Cell. I likey!!!

    GTA + Deus Ex = ZOMG.

      seems to also have some similiarities with the TV show "Person of Interest"

    I didn't realize that Americans have a world view.

    I don't really understand what I just watched? very unimpressive

    This looks interesting - time to actively avoid further information on this game and gameplay footage :)

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