Watch The Entire Dead Space 3 E3 Demo

Dead Space 3 crashes series hero Isaac Clarke on a snow planet, where things appear to be a little less dark and scary, but still violent and tense.

The game debuted last week at E3, and, last night, Spike's GTTV aired pretty much everything that was at E3 on TV. Now it's all on the Internet, so watch it above... and consider sitting through the commercial breaks so you can see the game's co-op. (Notice how the same scene plays out differently when you have a co-op partner with you.)

Dead Space 3 is slated for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next year.

Dead Space 3 — June 15, 2012 [GTTV]


    Taking the series in completely the wrong direction. Sure it looks moderately entertaining, but they need to swap out the quick-time events and cover based combat for some actual horror.

    Also, most people hated the co-op in resident evil 5, this game looks to be going the same way.

    I have to say, after seeing games like Crysis, Battlefield and Warfighter from EA, this just doesn't look that good. Also I feel like the team is resting on their laurels; dead space 2 was a monster of an improvement of over the first one, but it seems they've pushed more uneccessary elements from the games to make it even more actiony than it needed to be. The co-op seems improperly justified and feels like an excuse just for it to be there.

    I think with this kinda game, you gotta really push the systems in the game to be innovative. Things like making scares more dynamic and less scripted or perhaps introducing a "rescue/recruit" gameplay system where you come across various NPCs that you can save from Necromorphs or other dangers, and recruit them into your team. This gives them a justified reason to make the game more difficult while introducing elements not seen in the genre before while implementing more replay value for those who want to get throught he game with all NPCs unharmed.

    New guy looks like he was ripped straight from Gears =.=

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