Watch The New Tomb Raider Trailer Broken Down, While It Breaks Lara Down

We got a look at Lara last night from publisher Square Enix's upcoming Tomb Raider, in which she gets quite the beating.

Now, thanks to Foxy Foxy, you can rewatch the special parts, broken down into looping seconds of her struggle for survival. It's just too bad they're so small.

Tomb Raider "Crossroads" trailer [Foxy Foxy]


    This looks incredible.
    Although I can imagine getting sick of her shocked "OHH!"s quickly.

    Does lara's voice sound like an american trying to do a british accent? or is it just me

    Uncharted where you play as a girl... Yeah. Looks cool.

    How much of the game is actually a game? I know it's a trailer but it looks much more like an "interactive movie" to me. I'll still keep an eye on it.

      its a trailer...of coarse its going to be "cinematic"...I mean calling it a "gameplay" trailer is actually pretty misleading

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