Watch This Guy Beat Diablo III's First Boss In Less Than A Second

It's one thing to beat Diablo III's Skeleton King boss. It's quite another thing to beat Diablo III's Skeleton King boss on Inferno, the game's highest difficulty setting. And it's quite another thing to defeat Diablo III's Skeleton King boss on Inferno… in less than a frickin' second.

Behold, the greatest hits of Athene, a power gamer who makes it a habit of increasing his damage per second until he can cut through Diablo III's most difficult bosses in a matter of seconds.

Since watching this video, I've taken to watching Athene's livestream, and have been transfixed. I'd heard of him before, related to his shenanigans in World of Warcraft. He's a cocky dude, and something of a controversial figure, since he's built a network of gamers who help him farm the best gear to arm his superpowered characters. (Though it must be said, he also raises huge amounts of money for charity.)

Like Jason and I discussed yesterday, watching Diablo III is quite a bit different than watching StarCraft II — but it's hypnotic in its way, particularly with someone whose goals are as narrow and clinical as Athene's.

Basically, he'll find a boss, pick a strategy, and try to kill it. Due to the extreme difficulty level, each attempt lasts but a few seconds. Last night, I watched him go up against a third-act sub-boss many, many times — each time, he got closer to taking the boss down, and each time he died. Win or lose, the whole thing is over in the blink of an eye — either Athene's DPS is high enough to win quickly, or he gets stomped.

It's so calculated and clinical, each boss like another round of man vs. machine. Fascinating.

If you want to watch the Diablo III bosses get the sweet, hilariously quick justice they all so richly deserve, watch this video. I mean… The Butcher goes down in three hits! Three!

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    Athene is a jerk, 0 respect there. I'm quite happy to like that money was raised for charity without liking what he does, plenty of otherwise horrible people raise money for charity, it doesn't somehow make them untouchable amazing people. Now I kinda feel like I'm Off topic bashing someone, but what is there to say about that really ? >_> Kinda sorta cool vid I guess, nothing skill based about it though, farming gear (or having gear farmed for you *hint hint*) so that you can insta kill things in games : /

      I agree with Sam, Athene is a wanker. Good on him for the money but this is not impressive at all.

        Athene>Sam>Mopster>both combine

          How can Mopster be more than Sam and Mopster combined?

          Unless they are negative values...

    Was that video pre 1.0.3? Seemed his NT was hitting a few times per shot.

    Is this pre 1.03? I hear that glass cannon DH's got a nerf, to the point where it's more attractive to actually get some defenses

    Why is anyone surprised? It's an insultingly easy game. On all difficulties. Casual baby trash

      Not for melee.

    I'm bored of both Diablo 3 and all the articles about Diablo 3. It seems this game is bringing out the worst in the online community.

    Beyond picking a build to go for, is there any Player strength aspect of DIablo 3, or is it all Avatar strength?

      Its all avatar strength as long as you have learned to move out of the fire.

      It's a balance.. the better geared your avatar is, the less player skill is needed to play. Have a look around the net, there's examples of player skill instead of gear (like the 4 hardcore mode barbarians with starter gear only).
      Towards the later difficulty levels, the stronger creatures will kill you in less than a second (which is.. interesting, given the latency from Australia). Even the weaker creatures can swarm you and kill you quick if you're not paying attention.. a lot of the skill in avoiding death is recognising a potentially bad situation before it happens.

      There's always the people who say "there's no skill needed, I can do it in my sleep", but I suspect for the majority of players, the game is possibly even too difficult at the higher difficulty settings (or at least, isn't fun. Risk vs Reward etc).

    Haters are gonna hate! To all the haters here if you actually watch his videos you would actually see how he actually isn't as bad as you think. Are you guys raising funds for charities and I'm not talking small fry $100 or even $1000 add another 3 zero's, sure he acts like a dick a lot of the time but it's just an act for online purposes.
    Don't blame him for any DH nerfs, you do realize that blizzard is tracking all dps and Athene is only one of a huge number of DH's pulling off similar numbers.

    Yeah, this is why I didn't bother with the game. Stand there and click on monsters a lot of times and look at the pretty numbers. Yay.

      as a demon hunter in act 1 hell who plays like most normal people do and doesn't farm gear or have gear farmed for me or play 23 hours a day, i can tell you this isn't the case. i have to do a lot of running away from enemies, then slowing them down with caltrops, get a few shots in etc etc. while it may not be the most strategic game, most action RPGs arent.

    FFS -_-
    Thats pretty cool though, i like the idea of making characters specifically for insane DPS

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