We Don’t Play Games The Way We Should

We Don’t Play Games The Way We Should

Companies want us to play games one way. We actually play them another way.

Today’s Dorkly comic does a wonderful job of illustrating that point. Behold a few of my favorites:


Check Dorkly for the rest!

How Games Are Meant To Be Played vs. How You Play Them [Dorkly]


  • In case of Move, they should of done it less Move boxes and more Games because it not that Move didn’t sell, its just no one bought games for it.

    • I’m with you, though I’ll admit I probably play DS games on my 3DS more than I play 3DS specific games. Pokemon White just got it’s cute little claws into my retinas.

  • I saw the netflix one and immediately I took umbrage. I use my 360 to play games and that’s about all I use it for.
    Once my agro had subsided though I hada think about my friends list and what I’m seing more of. Yes I think many of my hardcore gamer friends are now using their consoles for Youtube, netflix, crackle, ABC iview etc. Some to the point whre they’re almost never gaming any more.
    Are we becoming lazier gamers? Or has the excitment of games lost it’s lustre??

  • Semi-related (maybe):
    A few days ago I was walking through a Best Buy with my 1.5 year old son, while my significant other searched for a gift for her relative, when he stops and points at the Sony Move display and says “Ball!” and wants to grab the Move controller obviously. So I figure it can’t hurt to let him give it a shot and I make sure it’s calibrated and let him start swinging around with some sort of sword-based demo. Within 30 seconds a small crowd of employees and customers had gathered to watch the little guy whack the dummy in the leg and cackle like a little maniac with every strike…
    I have a Move controller at home but personally haven’t used it probably more than an hour or two cumulative, but I think I’m gonna be setting it up keeping it handy for the little guy to go crazy with every once in awhile 🙂

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