We’re Getting A DC Fighting Game From The Makers Of Mortal Kombat

What's this? An official Injustice website featuring Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash? Perhaps DC Comics' superheroes will be joining an 'Injustice League' for a new fighting game, brought to what seems to be advertised as the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.

In 2008, the same team made Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe, so they have some experience letting Superman and Batman beat each other up.

If you head over to the official Facebook page for Injustice: Gods Among Us, you can see a few more characters including Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy.

GameSpot also has the announcement trailer, embedded for you below. Getting a closer look at our villains and heroes you can tell that they seem to be wearing custom designed costumes. That and some scary-looking facial expressions.

We'll be seeing the game very soon at E3, so hang tight for impressions.


    I actually really enjoyed MK vs DC for what it was... I'm excited to see how this goes.

    Looks awesome. The only reason I didn't like MK vs DC was that it was marketed as an MK game but there was so little gore, a staple of MK (arguably) and that pulled me out of the game. Having a pure DC fighting game would be awesome.

    That being said, the mechanic suits makes me think it might be Superman 64 style story where they're in a game, or if it's a follow on from MK vs DC, it's their universe resetting after the events of the rift and they all hate each other....But that's just a guess

    Aquaman, plx.

      ha! I like Aquaman, but somehow I don't think he quite stands up with the rest, especially given recent pop culture "hatred"

        You clearly haven't seen the new Aquaman. Dude is ten different flavours of bad ass.

    Hmm, could be alright. I'm not sure the boobs are big enough though.

    Really amped for this. As a big fan of DC & Neatherealm's great work on MK 9 this is fantastic news. I always felt MK vs DC was underrated. (PS Neatherealm please don't make Wonder Woman look like a man in drag this time!)

      It really wasn't underrated... Underrated is such an overused term.

    ZING! You win the internet

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