What Are You Drinking?

Now this might seem like a banal question, but when it's so bloody cold in Melbourne and I have to constantly drink tea to keep my temperature at a reasonable level, it becomes a little more important. Now you guys probably know that I have a strange love/hate affair going with Pepsi Max, but what do you guys pick up when you need to quench a mighty thirst?

I've got to get off the Pepsi Max, seriously. It's not good for me. At least not in the quantities I drink it. Any suggestions for a replacement?

What is your beverage of choice?

Every Tuesday we talk about things we are doing that aren't games! Sometimes the questions are stupid, sometimes they aren't. Today it's stupid!


    I've tried to make my beverage of choice water.

    That tends to not stick very long.

    When it comes to alcohol, Strawberry and Lime Rekorderlig does the trick quite nicely. For non-alcoholic, Vanilla Coke is my go to drink. At least, it is when I can find the damned drink. So many places don't stock it and after all that fuss they made at the 2002 AFL Grand Final to launch the product (where I believe I mocked it).

    Water... And Easyway.

    A real thirst quencher is a long island iced tea..with certain alcoholic advantages included,such as falling over, and telling everyone you see that you love them.

    Oh Melbourne isn't that bad! I hear Canbrrr is colder :O

    I don't drink tea, coffee or much alcohol but I always drink water. I have bottles right next to the computer so I may quench my thirst when needed. I also always have apple juice in the fridge because apple juice is friggen amazing. When I do drink soft drinks it's either Fanta or Mountain Dew.

    Water is the goods, I try not to drink any soft drink. Nothing quenches a thirst like a peach iced tea however.

      ^^ This is the truth. ^^

      I basically stick to water now, unless I want a hot drink. Then I have milo with minimal sugar or a naturally caffeine-free tea, like Peppermint. Sometimes if I want a cool refreshing drink, then Iced Tea is awesome.

      I ditched soft drink and caffeine at the start of the year. Along with minimal fatty or sugary foods and smaller portions. It makes a world of difference.

    I mostly drink water. Boring I know, but caffeine and/or sugar = not good for Ben!

    Alcohol, Canadian club, love Canadian club.


    Like Trjn, my taste buds don't like this.

    Right now? Nothing. Will be partaking in water for the rest of the day, especially after my work out tonight.

    Yep I'm with you Mark... My damn girlfriends family has got me addicted to Pepsi Max and I can't sit at home without a can in front of me, as I endlessly search for legendary items on D3. FFFFUUUUUU!!!!!

    Grape Fanta is the shizznit, wish we'd just start manufacturing them down under.

    I happen to be a fan of Coke Zero...

    Although my most recent drink was a raspberry soft drink.

    I'm also partial to a L&P, or a 100 Plus. Anyone else here know what they are?

      I've heard of Lemon and Paeroa - NZ drink isn't it?
      100 plus I've had many times when visiting family in Malaysia

      I'm a Coke zero drinker but I'll buy whats on special. If only they sold Kirks Kole Beer or Sno-Drop outside of WA and SA.

      Is 100 Plus that isotonic that looks like a can of motor oil from the 70s?

    not as much drinking, but chewing, coagulated blood.
    ok, water.

    Ice Break Iced Coffee.

    Have been drinking warm tea all day. Needed a change.

    San Pellegrino mineral water. Love that gear. Coffee too. Beer, when it's 'Beer O'clock' and vin rouge with a nice slab of meat.

    Imported Heineken when at home. Coffee when at work.

    Hot tea in the mornings.. soft drink (pepsi max or dr pepper for preference) in the afternoon.. something hot (tea, chai, choc) in the evenings.. iced tea otherwise.
    I'm not much for having a beverage of choice.
    Not a coffee drinker though, can't stand it. Uck.

    Coke! oh wait... I should be trying to get off the stuff and have more water, but it has them hooks in me!

    Very partial to Lord Nelson Three Sheets at the moment also, but sadly unable to drink these at work! :(

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