What Are You Playing The Weekend

Dear friends, I've done a silly thing. After golding every track on Trials Evolution. I said I would stop. But I didn't. It's still the only game I play. I'm now attempting to get Platinums, and it's a seriously slippery slope.

But I do have plans to play other games if I get the time — mainly Gravity Rush on the PlayStation Vita and Max Payne 3. I'm pretty close to finishing, and I might as well see it through now.

I'm imagining that you guys are pretty sick of me waffling on about Trials, so I'll leave now. Kindly inform me of your fully sick gaming plans for the weekend in the comments.


    I'll finish my good playthrough of infamous 2 and maybe consider an evil replay afterwards. I doubt I'll replay the game so soon, so I might play Renegade Ops and Space Marine.

    gravity rush, which is really great
    and then the usual Dota's and Super Monday Night Combats

    I'm starting 2 weeks of holidays, gonna begin shameless gaming month early and get stuck into Dark Souls

      That game killed a small part of me... Still by all means a great game, just absolutely brutal. Then again I guess that's its charm.

    I'll never tire of you talking about Trials. It's all im playing also. Im usually on multiplayer most nights in hardcore trials so if you see FatShady Live in there be sure to say hi.

    As for Trials, I've got 3 platinums left to go and i don't think i'll get them any time soon!

    Im also playing amnesia and LOVING that. such a great game and can't wait to get through it.

    Unfortunatley the only game I'll be playing this weekend is 'Exam preparation 2.0', can't say I'd reccomend it to anyone either. If I had to review it I'd give it half a glass of red wine out of five glasses. Mainly because I would have drank the other four and a half in the process of actually playing the game.

    Rayman Origins clean up... Gravity Rush & Lollipop Chainsaw are all waiting to be played...

    Dragon's Dogma. Really enjoying it but can only really afford to spend time on it over the weekends. Maybe one day I'll get back to Max Payne 3, or even finishing The Witcher 2, but for now, DD is my timesink.

    Hmm, probably some MW3, Final Fantasy 13-2 and maybe Gears of War 1 on the 360. I also recently purchased the Humble Bundle and have been immensely enjoying Limbo, so shall keep working my way through that.

    Finish our 4 player playthrough of Tales of Graces F with mates likely followed by the usual smash bros melee, and if I have time Torchlight/Resonance of Fate.

    Just got Dynasty Warriors 7 on PS3. Friend also bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Sacred 2, Damnation and we still have Armours to level up in EDF: Insect Armageddon. Co-Op Gaming ahead!
    Also, accidentally deleted my entire steam library! Whoops, but just bought Krater, seems cool. But have to re-download everything.

    Diablo 3.
    Max Payne 3. (I think my copy arrived today)

      Ah yes, I also remembered I have a beta key for The Secret World, so maybe I'll check that out too!

    Max Payne 3, Gravity rush and Diablo 3. I started playing Gravity Rush last night, closed my eyes listening to the soundtrack for a while, and woke up on the couch much later.

      I'm really looking forward to Gravity Rush. Just contemplating whether I should lay my hands on some acid before playing it.

      I'm really looking forward to Gravity Rush. Just contemplating whether I should lay my hands on some acid before playing it.

    Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars all the way... Bring on the line battles!!

    Finally playing Mass Effect 3. Looking forward to seeing the ending that engendered so much hate!

    Running it at 5760x1080 and it looks great, not far in, but enjoying all the epic action drama so far.

    Minecraft 360 Edition, Witcher 2, Alex Kidd & Co and Wonderboy Collection.

    Will give Shadows of the Damned a go
    Will also knock some more off The Force Unleashed
    Will knock some more off Ass Creed II (in the middle of yet another Assassin's Tomb)
    Trials and BF3 beckon as always
    On Halo 3 - I've just rescued Cortana so surely there's not too long to go now...

    BF3, Bastion and Diablo 3 on the PC.
    Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD and Journey on the PS3.
    The 360 can continue to decompose on the desk.

    Working my way through the Zerg campaign of Starcraft, because i'm too cheap to buy starcraft 2 just yet :-)

    Spending Saturday at Supanova then Sunday resting up.
    Probably some more D3 and Max Payne 3. Wanna finish it and move on.

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