What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This week I achieved a real milestone in my life. I achieved gold status on all Trials Evolution tracks. Gold. This means that I can finally retire from Trials duty and move on with my life. Oh, but I haven't golded all the tournament levels yet? NOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!

But yes, I probably will be moving on from Trials Evo soon, before it kills me. But what are you guys playing this weekend?


    I might replay one of the Tex Murphy games, possibly The Pandora Directive. The Kickstarter campaign for Project Fedora has got me in the right mindset. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/texmurphy/tex-murphy-project-fedora

      Yeah! Although, keep an eye on the date when you're saving games. Y2K for the win!

    A healthy dose of Trials Evo and a very unhealthy overdose of Diablo 3.

    Ghost Recon. I finally got through the campaign (after much delay) and jumped into my first game last night. Bloody hell, I knew I'd be running into CoD players but I didn't think that the CoD poison would be this huge! My first game had me teamed up with two groups of Snipers! I had TRIPLE the amount of points to them. I went through game after game of nothing but CoD players. So I guess I really need to form a real squad.

    Other then that, maybe get into Dragons Dogma (pushed that aside for Ghost Recon), some Halo: Reach, Awesomenauts, maybe some co-op games for people willing.
    Also might start Ninja Gaiden 3. Picked up my CE edition last night that I cancelled after reviews because it was more then half off due to their sale at EB.

      What's it like apart from the CoD stuff?

        It's awesome. Feels really satisfying to eliminate all oppositions without being detected. I was put off by the camo at first, but it really helps the "guessing" part of stealth games where you don't know if you're vulnerable to being spotted or not. Despite the CoD players ruining it, it's a great co-op/team focused multiplayer game. The game is mainly based around "information", knowing where the other team is, setting up appropriate defenses and spotting them around cover. Sometimes you wonder if not killing the enemy and instead stunning them so that you can hack their equipment and reveal all enemy locations would be better, moving from cover to cover is feels better then most cover based shooters (you know, how there is cover but most people don't use it and instead just strafe in and out of cover).

          I have found this be a great game in all manner of tactics, maps and shooting, great overall balance as well.

          there are prob a few things that could use a tweak here or there. I was a GR fan in the past and this has all the elements of what made it great and then some. Some of the MP games do seem hopeless to a point especially if you have people on your team that a) dont have a mic and communicate and b) dont work with the team to achieve the objectives. if any one has this on PSN let me know i will be crating a squad soon enough

    D3, Stepping into Inferno tonight.

      I remember first heading into act 3 inferno and getting hit all the time by random 70k ranged attacks I hope your ready to farming alot of act 1 to afford all-resist gear.

    Well if my WoW sub runs out like Blizzard says it was meant to 2 days ago i'll probably play something I haven't touched yet or finish L.A. Noire for a 2nd time.

    I used to play diablo 3, but then I took an endless looping update to the knee.

    Wow, congratulations on the Trials acheivement. Thats pretty impresssive.

    I've golded up to the Limbo level but i've been too busy to get much further.
    I'll get there eventually!

    Going to try and follow in your footsteps and gold the extreme levels... then go on to platinum all the easy, medium, and some hard levels!

    Other than that, finishing off Fez (with the help of a playguide, only way possible) and Diablo III if lets me.

    Still soldiering on through the VR missions in Metal Gear Solid 2. Finally started the dreaded MSG1 Snake missions during the week! Less than 20 missions to go, but damn these missions are so much harder!

      I completed 86.2% of those.... My god they get hard! Now that I've not played it in a while my skills will be severely lacking... very hard to get back in to.

    Going to check out DayZ and then a bit of EVE.

    I am going to be playing Men Of War Assault Squad coop its a really nice brake from most of the mainstream games :D

    I finally got around to playing Cave Story+ last night. Really like it - makes me want to replay super metroid too, which is always awesome.

    Ghost Recon, and in the downtime from that I will be playing any and every psone game that i can get onto my psp!

    Finish off The Witcher 2, perhaps. I don't want any RPG's on my plate heading into end of financial year.

    I got the bit trip saga for 3ds yesterday, so bit trip runner will feature prominently in my weekend. Looks like Bastion will too now!

    Not sure, maybe Tribes, maybe Mass Effect multiplayer, maybe Beyond Good & Evil HD.

    I tell ya what though, I have an hour long train ride tonight which means I'm going to get stuck the hell right into Xenogears on mah PSP. I'm quite excited to be returning to this game after so many years :D

    Path of Exile

    I think this is the sixth week in a row I have written 'finish Mass Effect 3' in this comments thread. So I'm not going to write that. Instead...um...I might go back to Stranger's Wrath.

    Hopefully not writing it will make me do it.

    Maybe some Red Dead redemption and Batman Arkham asylum.

    BF3 as always. Gonna be digging into some CoH (letting team mates down atm) and continue my adventure in the Wastelands of New Vegas which I only just started.

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