What Are You Playing This Weekend

Long weekend! You know what that means? Well, it means a lot of things, but for me it means finally getting gold on all the tournaments on Trials Evolution. I know — I said I would retire this game, but it keeps pulling me back in!

To be perfectly honest, it's not like I have other games I'm desperate to play right now. I guess at some point I should finish Mass Effect 3. Oh, and Max Payne 3 while I'm at it. But there's no way in hell I'm starting Diablo III!

Oh, maybe I'll play a bit more Fez.

What are you guys/girls playing this weekend? Any plans outside of games?


    Wanting to get through as much as I can for Ninja Gaiden 3 so that I can trade it in.
    Probably some Ghost Recon, even if 99% of all games are on American hosts.
    Maybe some Dragon's Dogma. Awesomenauts. Gears of War 3. Halo: Reach.

    Nothing on the gaming front this weekend. There's only two games left in my backlog and I don't feel like playing either. (Boarderlands and Dungeon Siege 3 if you're interested. :P)

      (Going to see Prometheus tomorrow too!)

    Maybe Dark Souls. Haven't touched a game in a week though, and not really missing it. Might be break time.

    I look to be playing the Last Minute Costume Rush game in preparation for my cousin's 21st. Then continuing to actually make it good in preparation for Supanova next weekend. Work sucks.

      Also, I liked it when it was the other picture. Especially that period where the front page picture was different to the in-story picture.

    Well I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with the Humble Bundle yet so I might finally get into Amnesia or try some more Psychonauts.

    I'll definitely be playing some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. This week is operation Mastiff. Squad goal is to extract on Silver difficulty with one of the new Rebellion DLC characters in your squad. Easy! Also we're looknig for a global goal of 100,000 retrieval operations completed, so get in there and contribute or we don't get our Commendation packs!

    Last weekend I made a start on the Battlefield 3 campaign after going straight into the multiplayer and so far I rate it below Modern Warfare 3 but above Black Ops. I don't rate Black Ops at all highly though, so don't take that as too complimentary just yet. I mention it because I might try and knock out a few more missions just to get it off my pile of shame.

    I am going to attempt to make my own smoke salmon. Seriously. Also moar Skyrim.

      Cold smoked, or hot smoked? Either way, sounds fun. :)
      One of these days I'm going to attempt to make my own bacon.

        Hot smoked. I will report in on Monday as to how successful this was :)

    I'm finally going to finish Mass Effect 3. I got close to the end last night, but Mr. Strange needed to go to bed and the 360's in our bedroom so I had to stop.

    As for non-gaming plans does Meating up with Kotaku AU people count as non-gaming? Because that's what what we're doing here in Brisbane. We're gonna eat ribs, get drunk and play games together. \o/

      Any chance that's got anything to do with the Brisbane based "friend date" stuff they were talking about on triple j yesterday?

        I have no idea. I don't think so though. A bunch of people that hang out here on Kotaku AU in the Talk Amongst Yourselves topic are getting together for a meet-up.

    Skyrim! Hoping to complete the thieves guild quests, then get back to the Dark Brotherhood and reduce my misc quests. Still so very, very entertaining :)

    Diablo 3...so close to hitting level 60 i can almost taste it! Maybe some batman arkham city as well...

    Finally finished all VR missions in Metal Gear Solid 2! Boy were they hard near the end! So moving onto dogtag collecting. Have finished Very Easy and Easy and halfway through Normal. Not looking forward to Extreme difficulty boss fights! :S

    Apart from that, Euro 2012 starts tonight!! Have ordered Setanta and will be watching all games live (well will attempt to somehow watch them and go to work with a few hours sleep each night, we'll see how long that lasts :P)

      The funny thing is that the VR missions are - at least in theory - supposed to prepare you for the events of the main mission (i.e. story mode). But if you actually manage to get through them (I never could, so kudos to you), you are so ridiculously overqualified to beat the game that it's kind of funny :P

        Funny you say that cause I've been running through the main story and found myself using moves I've learnt from VR. Seems like my style has been adapted to suit some VR missions and has been brought across.

        And yeah you're right; they talk about Raiden having done so many VR missions but no real-life experience. Guess it is the same for me now hey? :P

    Maybe some more Velocity. (PSN Mini) I've found it to be surprisingly good.

    I might also play some Renegade Ops and maybe Red Faction Armageddon if I get the time.

      I loved Renegade Ops, reminded me of a time when I would play matchbox cars with my brother.

        It's the Just cause 2 engine as well so the game and the explosions look fantastic.

          I played co-op with my sister and it was seriously fun.

    Probably continuing to piss away my gamer-cred by spending any time available playing Pro Evo 2011's Master League...

    Diablo III. That and the Humble Bundle. After Matthew K's brow-beating, I relented and made the purchase. Are you happy now!?? =P

      It wasn't supposed to be a browbeating, it was supposed to be a vigorous endorsement!

    My PC just died, so I can't play any of my games on that (which is most of them). :(
    I'll be playing some of my Xbox games, like Vanquish and Trials Evo. Might also go and finish my second run through NFS The Run.

    I'm hoping to get into DayZ with some friends at some point, might finish off Saints Row 3, and maybe try and force myself to play some Diablo 3, which isnt really hooking me as much as Diablo 2 did in high school

    Enjoying Battlefield 3 Premium too much right now to get back into Diablo 3. Best $50 I've ever spent on a game expansion.

    But apart from that I'm going through MGS4 on Normal, trying to get a 0 kill 0 alert run in before jumping back to MGS2 to finish a run through of that. Since I never did it when I got the MGS HD collection. Then maybe Peace Walker after that.

    AFL Live with the 2012 DLC and patch! Came out yesterday.... so much fun.

    I'll be playing the 'recover from E3 2012' video game on the XBOX Sleep60. Can't wait to get into it, it involves a lot of sleeping apparently.

    Diablo 3. going to attempt a couple of speed runs

    In my brief downtime between running sessions at Phenomenon this weekend, I might be getting a bit of Ys II in and some other PSP games, all while I wait for the Four Job Fiesta to start.

    renting out the new ghost recon and hoping to quickly finish with some mates. Hopefully some psychonauts or finish the Witcher as well

    Spyro the Dragon! :D

    D3, Darksiders, Max Payne 1 (yes 1), Resistance on Vita.... bout it...

    Mark, if I post you a copy of Diablo 3, will you play it?

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