What Are You Playing This Weekend

This weekend I won't be playing many games. I'll mostly be trying to avoid death after making my first Skydive early tomorrow morning. But what are you guys and girls playing?

It feels as though there isn't too much I feel like I need to be playing at the moment, so if I get the time I might try and get stuck into some of the game I feel like I overlooked, or didn't spend enough time with. High on my list is Fez. Recently I tried to get back into it, but sort of felt lost when I jumped straight into the world. Max Payne 3 is another game I need to finish, but it really started to feel a little repetitive. I'm struggling to find the motivation there.

One game I definitely will not be playing is Trial Evolution. Nuh-uh. No way.

What will you be playing this weekend?


    I got my copy of MGS HD Collection for the Vita...been playing the hell out of MGS3...might try and Platinum it this weekend.

    Um. Some Skyrim, Dragons Dogma maybe, Halo: Reach, anything people want to co-op in, Maybe Awesomenauts, Ghost Recon, Gears of War 3. Hmm, not too sure.

    Totally not playing Viva PiƱata. Nope. Not me!

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Pikmin 2 Wii.

      Best version of Paper Mario right there. I couldn't stand the more action based one on the wii

    Good luck with the skydive... it's amazing.

    I'll be playing Minecraft and Halo:Reach.
    Plus I've got a band competition on Sunday.

    Dark Souls.

    I got back into it yesterday after a long time away from it, currently making my way through Sen's Fortress.

      I tried to get into that when it came out but I only managed to kill the big fat guy at the start, it took me ages then he dropped some rubbish club which was worse than my broken sword. I thought bloody hell this game is too hard if this is the first boss.

      I am gonna give it another go when it comes out on PC, hopefully its a little crisper so I can see whats going on better.

        Trolling? It's Friday afternoon and I can't quite work out if you're serious or not.

    BF3, Diablo 3 and Path of Exile

    Been playing the Medal of Honor re-boot. It sways from as mundane as anything I've played to pretty reasonable scenarios (i.e they've nailed the "backs against the wall, last stand" thing). I'll look to finish that.

    I don't feel like starting much else, so there'll be some BF3 thrown in there.

      I actually quite liked the campaign. Dont know why it was canned. That Last stand part your talking about was one of the greatest moments of gameplay in recent memory IMO. Was down to my pistol, with no cover, all the yelling non stop enemies and then the relief. And the way the teams intersect each other is great. The part where you're covering one of the teams retreats was seriously cool.

    I will playing Trials Evolution. Half the hard levels platinumed, half to go.

    Then maybe inFamous or Diablo III if I have the energy.

    I'm going to download new ghost recon during off peak bandwidth time & play that, heard good things and only fifty bucks? That's more like it.. I'm looking at tipi game industry >:/

      My copy of Future Soldier is still on the way from ozgameshop. I was hoping to have it by the end of the week, but nothing yet. *keeps refreshing email*

    Just finished my thesis so I've finally unwrapped my copy of the Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, which had been sitting in my cupboard as a tantalising reward ever since it launched. Great so far, loving every minute.

    I've always wanted to Skydive, have fun. Will you be filming it?

    I'll be playing more FIFA 11-I must win all the cups. I might also continue playing Renegade ops and maybe some Far Cry 2.

    I'll be rearranging the living room to give me Kinect the space it needs, and then bopping along to Child of Eden.


    It arrived this week and finished my Easy difficulty playthrough last night (after watching my wife play on Normal I decided to save myself the potential controller-chucking rage quits until I levelled my character up a bit).

    Oh my god the game is as awesome as I hoped. The variety of combos keeps the zombie-killing action interesting, the bosses are brimming with personality and there's enough different stuff going on in each level/boss battle to keep you engaged. On top of that, there's a bunch of little minigames scattered throughout so it's not all just a button mashfest.

    Some of the dialogue is great, with Juliet's bubbling and borderline vapid enthusiasm offeset nicely by the deadpan responses of her recently decapitated boyfriend. That guy can deliver a flat "what" like no one else.

    The innuendo is blatantly crass but it simply doesn't matter. The story's antagonist is an excellent parody - a broody teenager wreaking fantasy revenge on his high school peers after suffering social rejection at every turn.

    I love it.

    If there's one downside to the game it's the frequency with which it takes control away from you to show you something or give you a tip about a new thing you've encountered that lingers waaay too long and can't be skipped. I found that more frustrating than anything else. Also, there's a QTE at the end of the final boss battle that takes you aaaall the way back to the start if you fail, which I think was a real dick move.

    Other than those niggling points, the game is brilliant. Great visual design, the music direction is beautiful, and Little Jimmy Urine's contribution to the boss battle music is distinctly Mindless Self Indulgence but still blends seamlessly with the rest of the game.

    This is no high drama. It is inside and out a purely VIDEO GAME experience and has no pretensions to anything else. If that sounds fun to you, I cannot recommend this game enough.

      Oh, I also might be installing and playing DayZ. Last weekend the prospect of paying $30 for a game just so I could install a free mod seemed a little questionable, plus they were having server issues.

      Plus it's one profile per install, which means I can't share with my wife. She might get me killed, or vice versa. :/

      This weekend, I may bite the bullet and see how I do.

    Started Catherine last night. It is a nice change of pace after completing all of the achievements for Dark Souls. Finding Normal difficulty a little too easy though. Feels like I'm already half way through the game :S

      That game is bullshit! That is a game that will cause violence and school shootings far more than COD or GTA.

      I haven't experienced as much rage in a game as watching Vincent the retard trying to climb blocks.

        And I'm not the only one!


    Lollipop Chainsaw.
    Max Payne 3.
    Maybe some Diablo 3.

    This weekend I will play with;
    * Diablo 3
    * Anno 2070
    * Civ5 : Gods and Kings
    * myself

    I'll probably try to knock off Fez and Resident Evil: Revelations off the pile of shame since I gave up on them for some reason.

    Might also play some co-op RENEGADE OPS :)

      Ooh, Renegade Ops. I recently got a wired xbox controller for my PC so I might give it another go. It was too fiddly with mouse & keyboard.

        It's one of the 'freebies' that came with the new and improved PS+ subscription.

        10+ free games for under $6 a month? Yes please!

        I saw some gameplay footage and it looked like a lot of fun

          Ah, I don't really use my PS3. Someone gifted me Renegade Ops on steam awhile back. I tried to enjoy it but, that game really isn't optimised for keyboard and mouse. Ever since getting my wired controller I've been able to go back to a bunch of other games I got cheap or gifted on Steam or via a Humble Bundle like Bastion, Super Meat Boy, etc. that I would otherwise normally have bought on the Xbox Live Arcade. I might even see it how goes with Walking Dead while I wait for episode 2 to drop.

    What weekend gaming? I'm mostly busy this weekend so I won't be able to game much at all. If I do get time. It's Valkyria Chronicles all the way. I'm closing in on the end of the game. I also need to get my NBA 2k11 game on again. It's been 2 months since I've played it.

    Quantum Conundrum if it finishes downloading. Getting A LOT of perfect scores. May be a game of the year contender.

    Might continue with Metro 2033. Its more of an experience than something I'm actually enjoying.

    I'll look to give Gravity Rush a decent hammering, only really scraped the surface of the game at Chapter 5, liking what I've played of it so far. Probably some Everybody's Golf and Rayman Origins also.

    On top of that, will be downloading patches and DLC back onto my returned 60GB (now 250GB) PS3 on my offpeak times, Rock Band and Gran Turismo 5 will be the starting points!

    Got stuck on MGS2 on extreme at the tengu fights so started playing Dead Space last weekend. However I finally got past it last night so this weekend I'm hoping to finish off extreme before moving onto snake tales.

    After that I'll be going back to Dead Space

    DayZ and ARMA II
    Bit of Empire Total War with mods
    Mass Effect 2

    If anyone hasn't played Deus Ex: Human Revolution yet remember this weekend its less than 10 bucks on steam.

    I'm gonna be playing either Gods and Kings or Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

      I want to play Deus Ex again but a friend borrowed my Xbox360 copy a couple of months ago and I haven't caught up with him to get it back! For ten bucks I'm almost tempted to pick it up on PC just so I can scratch the itch.

        On the plus side if in a year or two you have a newer Laptop/PC you will be able to crank it all up to max (If you don't already have a good PC) and enjoy it again!

        Plus the DLC is worth 3.74. (I didn't think it was long enough to warrant 15 dollars but for this price its about a dollar an hour depending on how quick you are, they also added a proper Deus Ex style boss battle that lets you use more skills than just run and gun)

    After watching this week's Extra Credits, I'm going to give Lone Survivor and Legend of Grimrock a try.

    And also, League of Legends. Always League of Legends.

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