What Are You Watching?

I think we've asked 'What Are You Watching?' before, but I think it's been long enough to ask again, right?

So, what have you all been watching? I've been getting stuck into Game of Thrones, after delaying it for as long as possible. I'm such a bloody hipster with these things — if everyone is watching something I just avoid it for some reasons.

I've been enjoying the show, my wife is obsessed with it, so we've been smashing through the episodes. Only got two left in season 2 to watch. GODDAMN YOU, JOFFREY!

After that I think it'll be time to catch up on Mad Men.

What are you guys watching?


    Currently: The League

    And on a weekly basis: Korra, Tosh.0, Adventure Time and Conan

    Finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood recently so I was in the mood for some stupid sitcoms :)

      Ha! - the League, only seen season 1 so far but pretty hilarious stuff, gonna get into season 2 this weekend. But Adventure Time, is there something wrong with me that I don't get it - I feel like everyone loves it but if it's that great then it must just be going right over my head... Or does it get better?

        Depends how much of it you've seen. There's good eps and bad eps but all eps are random as shit. I think the humour comes from the pure "wtf am I watching?!" factor that the show has.

        Here's an vague description of a moment in one of my favourite episodes from Season 3 (Wizard Battle):

        Oh what's that? There's a wizard battle? The loser gets turned into a cat? He just ripped off his cat face off to become human again? WHAT?!

        So I guess if you're not a fan of the stupid randomness the show has then it's probably not for you. Hard to say whether it gets "better" or not but it definitely keeps that random charm.

          I definitely got the 'wtf random' vibe - which does have it's charm. I've only seen a couple episodes so might stop trying to justify to the wife (and to myself) why I'm watching it and just give it another shot.

    legend of korra, young justice, thundercats, sons of anarchy, trandformers prime.

    and superman vs the elite along with batman under the red hood

    Just getting into Community. Up to last ep of season 1. Really enjoying it for some light comedy.

    Im also the same too, I don't watch what the cool kids are watching.

      The paintball episode was my introduction to that show. Suffice to say, I watched every episode that was released at that point (about halfway through season 2) in the space of a day or two.

    just finished Game of Thrones and Spartecus. Up to season 7 of Stargate Sg1, my daughter loves the series (her first time watching it)

      season 7 is where it starts to get good too!

        Incorrect, Season 7 was where it started going down hill, fast.

        The season 7 finale should have been the series finale as originally planned.

          I guess it's an opinion thing, but yeah typically that's where it's thought to go downhill. Mind you I enjoyed nearly all of the seasons overall and hated a few episodes from each season, some more than others.

          ...you realise that Season 5 was going to be the final until Sci Fi picked it up? And then because they didn't know how much longer it would go for, Season 6 was planned as the final. Then it got renewed, so Season 7 got planned as the final. And then it got renewed, so Season 8 was planned as the ultimate final. And then it got renewed, so they finally went back to a multi-year plan.

          (Personally, I found it started going downhill about six or seven episodes in to the ninth season)

    The next door neighbour through the window, dusting in her underwear

    just finished Rock of Love season 1, about to start s02.

    Please. Judge me.

    I hate non-ratings season. I'm having to watch fricking Continuum which IS AWFUL!!

    Still on The West Wing, on the final season now, it's absolutely epic.

    On TV I've been watching Castle, SVU, Touch, ST: Next Gen, ST: Voyager and Dollhouse.

    I've also started watching Supernatural again starting at season 2.

      Dollhouse! ignoring most of the other stuff you said but Dollhouse! Maybe not the best Whedon show ever but still great. Best one would be Firefly, which I'm rewatching on Blu-ray atm. I'll rate your inclusion of Castle as well for the connection to the Whedonverse, plus it gets pretty good towards the end of the last season.

    Thrones is awesome and my wife is also obsessed but I spend half an hour after each episode explaining character interactions. Not that she doesn't get it but she likes to know all the back stories from the novel that are hard to pick up on in the show. Also this last season of Madmen was amazing.

      I've done the same with my mum and sister. They enjoy the show and get enough out of it without reading the books but they like getting that little extra insight from me afterwards. And it's always nice to strike up a good conversation about something we watch together!

        The books are SOOO much better than the series. I read A Clash of Kings before watching season 2 and I'm really glad I did.
        Any time I would usually be watching telly at the moment I spend reading Song of Ice and Fire instead, so I'm kind of watching pages turn at the moment, and that's about it.

          I think the big problem between the books and the TV show was Theon. My mum had no idea who he was when he started becoming important in season 2.

            I found Melisandre was underwhelming in the show also. She felt much more fleshed out in CoK. In saying that though I cannot fault their efforts in trying to cram so much content into tv format.

    The big one right now is Breaking Bad. I'm marathoning it in preparation for season 5 in July. Got two episodes to go with season 3. Had to stop last night at 11:30pm because there is no way I could watch the second last episode of season 3 and then not immediately watch the last episode of season 3. Such a brilliant show.

    Also watching Avatar: The Legend of Korra, which is just as brilliant as the original series although much more faster paced. The latest episode in particular was damned good. Being vague to avoid going into spoiler territory (and because most people aren't familiar with ROT13) but Lin Bei Fong, what an amazing character.

    having a tosh.o marathon atm then next week im going to introduce my gf to game of thrones and walking dead

    Oh man, Mad Men season 5 was soooooo much better than 4. SO MUCH.

      Ah really i got sick of the show half way through season 4 lol and havent watched it since.

    Tron Uprising. It's amazing. Seriously. You should all check it out right now. No, NOW! :D

    Waiting for every Monday arvo to stream True Blood.



    That's about it, given Young Justice seems to be on hiatus.

      Stupid hiatus. Why did they go straight from season 1 to season 2? If ever there was a time for a short break, that was it. Instead they rushed through to season 2 and now we've got another bloody hiatus.

      The scheduling for Young Justice is almost as bad as the show is awesome and it is pretty damned awesome.

    Not much really, with most shows on break, catching up on more gaming than anything... I caught an episode of Happy Endings on one of the 7 channels and didn't mind that, so will look at that being my 'summer' series... :p

    Now that GoT and The Walking Dead are both finished for a while, I'm watching... not very much at all, actually. The footy, and that's about it.

    Classic Full Metal Alchemist. Haven't watched it since it first aired so I'm loving it. I'll finally start FMA: Brotherhood when I'm done.

      I actually enjoyed the original (can it be considered the original?) more, which from what I can gather is a very unpopular opinion >_>
      Mind you I love them both, I just found Brotherhood more predictable in the way it handled the plot, and while the pacing was definitely better it came off as... somehow... cold? If there's one thing I got from comparing the two, it's that there's a surprisingly fine line between filler and characterisation, and for me, the original series got that balance spot on, and that's coming from someone who despises filler wholeheartedly.

    Pokemon... 110 episodes and 2 movies in!

    The Fiance and I have gone on a Pokemon binge recently, not really sure why...

    I'm watching a mixture of old and new series'

    I'm currently watching:
    1. Girls
    2. Falling Skies
    3. Party Down
    4. Legend of Korra
    5. Ricky Gervais Show
    6. The life and times of tim.

      fallings skies was so underwhelming. there was so much hype for it and just SO B GRADE! and not that good B grade where its funny/charming because its so B grade.

      Girls is awesome! Sucked me in after the first episode, hope the second season stacks up.
      Also Party Down is one of the funniest shows I have seen since Arrested Development with a movie rumoured!

    Breaking Bad. Only watched a couple of seasons a year or two ago but have started from the start along with my girlfriend who's watching it for the first time. She loves it so far!

    Nuuuuuuthin! Well, Legend of Korra every few weeks, not enjoying it as much the last airbender though :(

    I really can't decide how i feel about game of thrones, on the one hand it does a hell of a lot of things wrong, suffers from some awful acting and takes a few too many liberties with a series I already think is sub par, and goes to show the point no matter what genre or medium you tackle, sex sells. On the other hand it's bumped the whole...fantasy (it's really not... but whatever, close as I'm getting) genre back onto the TV radar, so presumably we'll see more attempts and higher budget attempts at the genre for at least a few years, it's a good enough romp even if it frustrates me, and the acting really has noticeably improved over time, it's quite watchable from the last part of season 1 onwards.

    Watched Game of Thrones Season 2 on Sunday made me so hungry for more I've finally decided to bite the bullet - I'm reading the series. Actually amazed that it's almost identical to the series with a chapter equalling a scene in the first few episodes. A few minor changes of course but it's ridiculously close.

    Oh and when I'm not reading or gaming I will be watching Boondocks. My nephew lent me the first 2 seasons on DVD and after just 2 episodes I'm convinced that anyone with even a hint of a funny bone should watch it religiously.

      Your thoughts on that might change on Book 2... Book 1 is almost carbon copy, Book 2 deviates fairly far although the show still follows the same direction as the book.

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