What Did You Do For The Queen's Birthday?

Alright smarty pants, I know it's not her real birthday, but whatever — most of us got a day off because of it, so I'm not arguing. Today is Tuesday, and we usually talk about non-game stuff, so what did you guys get up to on the public holiday? Anything interesting?

I was quite lucky, a friend gave me a spare ticket to the Australian Premiere of Brave, with Billy Connolly! He was five rows down from me and the room almost exploded from the concentrated Scottish.

I was really excited for Brave — a movie about Scotland with proper Scottish accents? I wanted to believe! The movie looks fantastic, from a visual standpoint, but just felt a little empty. It really lacked heart and didn't deliver on a really intriguing first act. Ah well. Still good, just not Pixar good.

That was my Monday — what did you guys and girls get up to?


    Games day at a friends house. But a variety of board games, not video games. Nice for a change.

    Slept in late. Had to call over my brother to check out my car because it was having trouble starting. Then went to the gym. Then came home to play some games.

    I played Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword the whole time! It's awesome too - like all the best bits of the other LoZ games refined into a really tight gaming experience.

    Went to the Aquarium and wildlife park with girlfriend, saw sharks, snakes, etc. watched some Lord of the Rings extended edition (Girlfriend's idea, each movie is about 4 hours long...), started playing Dragon's Dogma (so far not bad).

    Also, got f*cking SOAKED every time I had to go outside. It was like walking around with fish tanks on my feet instead of shoes.

    tried to log onto DayZ, eventually got on after re-configuring the router, then got killed 60sec later. After numerous retries I ran into the woods and have been hiding since.

      Any news on the latest security breach? What server(s) did you play?

        Usually a server on the other side of the world with a hideous ping. Could not for the life of me get onto an Aussie server. In the end I ended up running the single player DayZ mod so I can learn the game in the sunlight without getting killed within 10 min. I assume the breach has been fixed, although the game's still a pain in the ass to get into.

    Lego Indiana Jones.

    Who the hell thought bridges were a good idea in those games? Or platforming? Or vehicles? Or doing platforming on bridges?

    Awesome times. Hilariously derpy.

      Doing platforming on bridges in vehicles*

    Got up late, the gaming session commenced at about 12 with Amnesia (from Humble Bundle - still not sure if I can stomach that game), then jumped onto Diablo 3 with some friends. We actually had a full party for once! Next thing I knew, it was 6 and I had to go for dinner. Yay!

    I played some infamous 2 and finished downloading most of my PS+ games.

    I also watched the latest episodes of the Ricky Gervais show, Legend of Korra and some Lip service.

    A pretty lazy Monday overall.

    I slept in late, watched some TV, went back to bed for a few hours, played with my son, then did some home handiwork. Good day really, but would have been better with some nicer weather.

    Played Diablo 3 all day... stopped for about an hour during the massive lag spike, but pretty much played from 8am to 8pm... Now I'm wishing I wasn't back at work :(

    Was supposed to work, but cancelled due to rain. So ended up watching the LoL MLG finals.

    Spent the day (and its preceding weekend) playing Dragon's Dogma... loving it so far. Every boss battle feels epic, like what you're fighting is actually an insurmountable obstacle. Spent about 2 hours on an escort mission that goes through an area containing a drake that managed to kill the NPC I was escorting, but finally managed to escape. With the NPC safely delivered, I went back and spent the next 2 hours trying to kill the damn drake, merely because it had irritated me so much on the escort mission. Got it in the end, tho!

    Slept in, watched Game of Thrones, finally got around to some co-op pixeljunk monsters with my girlfriend, next thing I knew it was 1.30AM.

    Worked all day and got paid a shit ton.

      Love the pay on public holidays. Games are great, being able to recklessly afford them.

    Well, as I live in WA, and our public holidays are messed up, I worked :(

      It's also illegal for people in WA to own any RC games.

    Smashed Sen's Fortress. Happy birthday Queenie

    Worked because WA mixed up the queens birthday with someone else's.

    Played Diablo 3 til my eyes hurt too much to go on.

    I played Mass Effect 3 multipalyer and listened to Queen's greatest hits. Because it was the Queen's birthday.

    Had my birthday. Played Mario Kart 7 on 3DS.

    played Diablo 3 and stress tested my new pc... good day

    Guild Wars 2 second beta weekend. Awww yeeahh bitches! So good.

    I worked. Damn deadlines. Also, when I had finished work, I stared at my modem red light of doom and our faulty line while wondering whether burning our two Diablo 3 boxes would makes us feel better about the stupid always online DRM.

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