What The Hell Is Team Fortress 2's Pyro Mumbling About?

Can't really make it out, but it sounds like we might finally get a "Meet the Pyro" video soon. [TeamFortress.com]

Image: Valve


    I think he was saying something about being 'Gothams reconing' or something.

    It is morse code, which translated means Monday ... Update or some reveal on Monday (tuesday for Aus)

    Also, check out the TF2 official wiki ..http://wiki.teamfortress.com


    It says "monday" in Morse code. (longs and shorts representing dashes and dots respectively, with punctuation separating letters.

    ...holy crap PiMan...

    Valve are sneaky bastards

    Too little too late for me, i moved on from tf2 long ago, i tried to ignore all the stupid hats and weapons and other items but it all became too intrusive to the core game.

    if valve were to roll back the game and remove most of that nonsense i'd be back and playing again in a heartbeat.

      Yeah I'm sure they'd do that, especially after all the money it's made them. I'm also sure it wouldn't piss off the people who have those items and spent money to get them either.

    played over 1500 hours on TF2. that's a stat that I'm vaguely ashamed of...

      soory i think you misunderstood what i was trying to convey, i'm not demanding or even asking valve to roll back the game (as you pointed out they have made a lot of money with it) but i was just trying to convey how much i enjoyed the core game and how off putting i find all the nonsense that has been jammed into it over the years.

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