What The Hell Is The Red Thing On This One-Of-A-Kind PS3?

What The Hell Is The Red Thing On This One-Of-A-Kind PS3?

Sony president Kaz Hirai got his own specialised PlayStation 3 today, according to a tweet by fellow Sony exec (and SCE head) Shuhei Yoshida. It’s custom made. And not for sale.

I have absolutely no idea what the red thing is. People have asked Yoshida on Twitter, but he hasn’t responded yet. Anyone want to guess?

A special PS3 custom made for Kaz. Not for sale. [Twitter via NeoGAF]


  • That’s the heater core and grease trap that turns the PS3 into a functioning version of it’s childhood hero, the George Forman grill.

    • The writing on it doesnt help either, all it says is “Sony Computer Entertainment inc”

      So its something that is being produced by Sony, who knows it could be a PS4 in disguise to screw around with peoples heads.

    • Atleast the ps3 doesnt get the RROD after 2 hours of playing the darn thing, or having the disc scratched or having the xbox constantly freeze or having the controller turn itself off or having ur account banned for just saying the word “gay” or “turd”.
      Then Microsoft are an even bigger problem with them allways blaming the xbox malfunctions on the customer then They make us pay $225 to get it repaired.

      I dropped my first PS3 and Sony for some reason replaced it then got a 2nd PS3 that got the YLOD and got another brand new spanking ps3 for free.

      Its a waste of time comparing them since the past 2 years the Gaming Industry has been favouring the PS3 over Xbox.

      • Implying Microsoft didn’t repair or replace the xbox’s that rrod. Implying the Microsoft didn’t fix the heating issues. Your just a fanboy, please stop writing stupid stuff.

      • My Xbox was one of the 20GB originals and it failed after 18months with a RROD but as Microsoft finally admitted fault and upped everyone’s warranty to 3 years I was covered. That console is still working to data as my Mums Media Centre Extender. Oh and those that paid for a RROD repair before they upped the warranty were eligible for a refund!
        Next my PS3 failed where the Blu-ray laser went after 18months. Sony wanted $250 to fix it.
        You tell me which is the better company!
        Personally I like both consoles but the PS3 is mainly a Blu-ray player as I prefer my Xbox for games, I personally prefer the controller and the Gamerscore than the Sony Trophy system, that’s just my choice.
        As for your final comment. Didn’t MS just announce that they outsold both the Wii and PS3. Either way they all have good Developer support.

        • In yours eyes they have good developer support. However I would like to see microsofts bills to activision and bethasda for first dlc access

          • Yeah the PS3 developer support is evident in the stark quality my sisters husband bitches about as his PS3 copy is a crappy port from the 360 and has been given the half arse treatment. These are not the only games he has bitched about. So yeah PS3 has the best developer support! There are pros and cons with both systems, Stop the fanboy crap as both systems nor the games that get released for both are going away any time soon.

        • My PS3 laser failed too but I managed to fix it at some console selling shop near my place for $20 =/

          Cheap repair so it’s a non issue

  • I think it is actually the power supply. Look at the case, it is not the same shape as a normal PS3 slim, it tapers down toward the back. That is where the power supply sits in a PS3 slim (just under the lid).

  • I think it’s just the power supply, with the ps3 casing cut down to expose it. Don’t think it offers much more than aesthetic appeal (maybe improve cooling?), to make it resemble an engine.

  • It looks like the image should keep going, Like the darkness cuts off something we arent meant to see

  • I would say that it probably is an easy access route to the motherboard so they can upgrade the PS3’s hardware with ease

  • Does anyone else see some sort of slot in the top right hand side just above the PS3 logo?

    At first I thought it might be for the PSOne/2 memory cards but that’s silly since PS3 have a HDD and it’s not like the Prez of Sony can’t get his old games saves converted…

    Maybe something else can slot into it?!? Or maybe it just needs coins in order to play!! LOL

  • It’s just a red power supply by the look of it, the case isn’t extended out and I work for a company that fixes YLOD, I know for a fact that the power supply that Sony use are quite horrible so it might be a more advanced supply to aid it with running smoother.

  • Also if you look above the PS3 logo on the case you can see a little Warning sticker that is located on top of the disk drive, honestly just looks like a custom case

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