What's New In Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut

Today's the day when hordes of Mass Effect fans have been waiting for. Thousands of them have already turned on their consoles and PCs to experience a newly expanded denouement to BioWare's Mass Effect trilogy. Some like it and some don't.

If you're wondering what exactly the new scenes and sequences in the Extended Cut look like, start out by having a look at the video above. You'll see poignant goodbyes, and whole lot of cosmic explanations about the workings of the Mass Effect universe. Does it change how you felt about the ending?


    So we can either download a free DLC pack and experience it ourselves, or watch it online? Huh...

      It was inevitable that they'd make it to youtube for ease of reference.

        Yeah, I'm sure the people who already whined about it and sold their copy/burned it out of protest would only wait until it was on Youtube for assurance in their decision.

          Customer's aren't allowed to be dis-satisfied with a product?

          If they are they're labeled whiners?

            There's a difference between being dis-satisfied and being a self-entitled dick.

              Is selling your copy self-entitled now?

              exactly, Bioware is being a self-entitled dick

      I don't mind. I beat the game and sold it. I wouldn't mind seeing the extended ending, just for the hell of it. Youtube is good for that.

    That last part of the conversation reminds me of Babylon 5 and the Vorlons.
    "Understanding is not required, only obedience."

    Might have to redownload from Origin and install. Looks ok.

    I watched it on youtube, saves me downloading the nearly 2gb patch

    Do we still get to bum rush the portal, I loved that bit.

    This answered some but ultimately accomplished nothing. Our actions throughout the the trilogy still meant absolutely nothing. Bioware drops the ball once again. And EA looms over us with an evil stare as we begrudgingly swallow mouthful after mouthful of their shit.

    Never again.

    What? I wonder why Harbinger didn't knock the Normandy out of the sky while it was just hanging around.

    Oh that's right, terrible writing. Groan.

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