What's The Fine For Necrophilia In Cyrodiil?

Great moments in gaming humour finally makes it to The Elder Scrolls! Just because series stars a silent protagonist doesn't mean it has to be a dour, humorless affair. It can be an affair with a corpse as well!

Falanu Hlaalu, alchemist of Skingrad, puts the dark in Dark Elves in this brief exchange from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The non-player characters in Bethesda's 2006 masterpiece might have all been voiced by the same handful of people, but Falanu manages to set herself apart from the crowd with her unique... hobby? Sexual orientation? Exercise regimen?

Oh well, as long as the fine is modest and the mood is right, what happens in Cyrodiil stays in Cyrodiil by order of the Imperial Legion.


    "Great moments in gaming humour finally makes it to The Elder Scrolls!"

    This is 6 years old...

    Britta says it best.

    Uh yeah, I'm pretty confused as to why this is being posted. It's more than half a decade old. Another slow news day, Mike? Seriously quality is declining very quickly on this site. You'd be better off posting nothing as opposed to posting stuff like this.

      Don't post your opinion, you'll attract the haters :P

    That teemo is right... They come out at night...mostly....


      I was gonna say that :D

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