When PC Games Look Like Complete Shit

As the current generation of consoles get older and older, we're seeing PC games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2 and even Max Payne 3 already start to look decidedly next-gen.

At least, they do if you've got a decent rig. If you don't, then your games won't look as good as they do in official screenshots. They may sometimes even look as bad as these.

This wonderful NeoGAF thread is collecting screenshots of PC games running on the lowest settings possible. That means the lowest resolution, the lowest possible settings, the works.

If you wanted to know what Battlefield 3 would have looked like on the Wii, well, this is your chance.

Of interest is that, at the link below, you'll actually find a few games, like Crysis 2, Metro and Mass Effect, that don't look that bad!

PC Low Settings Screenshot Thread [NeoGAF]


    Oblivion... then put it on Low Settings. OH GOD. Stop Right there Criminal SCUM!

      Oblivion... put it on High Settings. Just as horrible, everything is made of plastic!

    Console pixel maps ending up as release standards for PC games isn't new. PC graphics have been held back by consoles for as long as most of the PC games market has consisted of games either exclusively developed for consoles and later ported, or games primarily developed for consoles with PC versions as a footnote. This has been going on for 5 years at least.

    PCs are the Master Race. We need a serious eugenics program to wipe out the console, laptop, mobile, tablet and mac infestations. Only then can mankind take the next grand step forward!

      hey...laptops arnt the enemy!

    Laptops are like the retarded children of desktop PCs.

    Runs a 8800GTX ... i dont get it

    hey, still looks better than most console games :-P

      They really don't though. Which is a problem. A PC game on low should look as good as a console game and run on a four year old PC. But they don't.

    Almost everything is some shade of brown, is that what you meant?

      Unless you're in a European city in your game. Then everything is some shade of blue-grey.

    Meh all look playable to me, could barely care less as long as the gameplay is there. That barely is only there because sure I'd take a better looking game over a worse looking game, but it's the absolute least important thing on my list. I find music much more important than graphics in creating immersion.

      This is true. And in any case Deus Ex HR, for example, and Alan Wake, look great on low!

      Where it can impact gameplay is if you have to scale back the draw distance too closely so you lose the impact of the world in a game like Skyrim.

    Its funny because these so called horrible looking game have had some of the best gameplay in the past 10 Years, master race members pack up your gfx soap boxes and just enjoy the game play.

    OK, but most of those didn't look so bad...

    Well, Ok, Oblivion did, but that should go without saying. Also, Two of those were either Mods made by like...2 people, or a full game made by one guy. Wah wah wah, it's not Crysis.

    Now i'm gonna go play Sins Rebellion.

    True gamers play at 640x480. No frame rendering lag to get in the way of chaining headshots.

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