While You Were Sleeping

Wake up! Something something it's Friday. Something something weekend. Something something video games.

This Humble Bundle. Wow. This bundle. This is the bundle guys. This guy. Bastion, Sword & Sworcery, Amnesia, Dark Descent, Psychonauts. Yes, this is pretty incredible. Best bundle yet. Well worth investing in.

Okay, time for proper sentences. Skyrim: have you had enough of it yet? A lot of people I know are still playing this game... every single day! I very much doubt that I'll go back to it, despite the fact that the new DLC, Vanguard is imminent. Here's the first trailer for said expansion.

Dead Space 3 has co-op, by the looks of these screenshots. Don't know if I like that. The next Gears of War game is being announced next week, and there are more rumours of a new model 3DS.

In Short New Humble Indie Bundle Has All The Great Games You Should Have Already Played Here's The First Trailer For Dawnguard Skyrim's First Full Expansion Pack First Dead Space 3 Screenshots Stand Shoulder To Shoulder New Xbox 360 Gears Of War Will Be Revealed Next Week No Stock At Japanese Amazon Leads To Rumours Of New Model 3DS


    Seriously Mark, did you just go there? Why for the love of everything decent in journalism did you have to reference Rebecca Black?

      Don't think so, I think he was writing what we all read on Fridays anyway. For example
      "Seriously Mark, something something something go something? Something something something the love something"
      All I got from reading your comment the first time was "Mark, why love decent Rebecca Black" I did a double take and realised I was retarded so I think Mark's journalism is safe for the moment

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