While You Were Sleeping

Morning. Today is a day of the week. That day is Friday. That day is a day that proceeds a long weekend. This means I am happy. But still — video games news. It happens.

Weirdest opening to While You Were Sleeping ever.

Assassin's Creed III — as the contenders drop out, it's fast becoming my most anticipated game of 2012. I might even invest in the multiplayer this time round. Here are some cool details on how Ubisoft has reinvented King of the Hill for the game's multiplayer.

Anyone check out that insane new Final Fantasy tech? Apparently it's not for sale. So rest easy Epic! It's interesting to see that developers are really preparing for the next generation of consoles.

I love this story — in Famitsu this week they have a story looking at all the major influences of different game developers. There are some really surprising ones in there.

Finally — will you buy a $78,000 chisel from Peter Molyneux? And LEGO Undercover City is basically Grand Theft Auto with cops and LEGO.

In Short Assassin's Creed III Brings A Crafty Fresh Take On King Of The Hill That Stunning New Final Fantasy Tech? It's Not For Sale Will You Let Peter Molyneux Peek In Your Brain And Sell You A $78,000 Chisel? Japanese Gaming's Unexpected Influences LEGO Undercover City Is Basically Grand Theft Auto With Cops And LEGO


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