While You Were Sleeping

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Man, I hate alarms. Okay, now I'm up, and you should be too. Time to read about games and stuff to do with games.

Dishonored was one of the best looking games at E3. I know this even though I wasn't there! I'm quite excited about the whole thing — the aesthetic, the universe. I'm excited about the game despite the fact I'm not too sure how it will all hang together as a cohesive whole. Anyway, here's 10 things you should probably know about Dishonored. I should probably know these things too!

I'm pretty sure that Joab Gilroy from Game Arena made a video like this already, but this is worth watching anyway — Max Payne. He knows how to chill out.

Miyamoto thinks he's right about Pikmin 3, I say he's definitely not right about no online multiplayer. Korean gamers look set to sue over Diablo III server woes, and this is why Japanese gaming is not dead.

In Short 10 More Things About Dishonored You Should Know Here's Why Japanese Gaming Is Not Dead Max Payne Knows How To Chill Out Shigeru Miyamoto Thinks He's Right About Pikmin 3 Koreans Upset Over Diablo III Server Woes, Might Sue Blizzard


    Worse part of my day is hearing my alarm go off.

      It's even worse when you wake up before it and know you aren't going to get any more sleep.

    Really? Dishonoured.
    perhaps I was recovering from Starwars 1313 and Watchdogs announcement and missed it.
    I was really hoping to hear more about Xcom. It hasn't really got alot of attention during E3 but looks like it will be awesome. Can you guys (Kotaku) tell us anymore?

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