While You Were Sleeping

I've lost my contact lenses, so please forgive me if none of this makes any sense. Video game news. In the morning. I'm bringing it to you.

The Hitman director must have had a tough E3. I kinda sympathise with him. So many journalists must have been asking him about the controversial trailer released just before the event. Here he explains the intentions behind the trailer — it wasn't supposed to be sexist he says.

And, in other related controversies — the new Tomb Raider trailer bothered people as well. Again, the creators are in damage control. Seems as though they've sort of changed their minds about certain aspects of the game — mainly the whole 'rape' scenario.

Here we have some interesting developer commentary on Assassin's Creed III, Aisha Tyler absolutely destroys her critics in the most righteously brutal manner ever, and apparently Nintendo isn't making a 3DS Lite — it's making a brand new handheld!

In Short Tomb Raider Creators Deny Attempted Rape Scene Is An Attempted Rape Scene Learn Some New Things About Assassin's Creed III, Thanks To Developer Commentary Hitman Director Says Controversial Trailer Wasn't Supposed To Be Sexist Nintendo Isn't Making A New 3DS, It's Making A New Handheld Generation Aisha Tyler: I've Been A Gamer Since Before You Could Read


    Everytime I see more of AC3 I get more and more pumped.

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