While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. Feel like a little bit of overnight gaming news to accompany that massive mug of coffee/tea/water/Pepsi Max sitting by your desk? You've come to the right place dear friend! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Come on guys, leave it alone. LEAVE IT ALONE! It's already dead... [starts weeping]

CBS is planning to do a Draw Somehing TV show. Is this real life? Is this a real thing. What is this strange world we live in. I don't like this...

But I do like this story — about a father/son relationship, and the rite of passage that is Zelda. This is a cute story and if you have time, you should totally read it.

Hmmm, what else... we have Reggie Fils-Aime showing off the Wii U on Jimmy Fallon in the US, EA's head honcho wants to tell us all that Dead Space 3 will still be a horror game, and our very own Logan Booker is releasing his own video game!

In Short A Rite Of Passage In The Legend Of Zelda Now Shared By Father And Son Good Grief, CBS Is Gonna Do A Draw Something TV Show I Announced My Indie Game, Zafehouse Diaries This Week, I've Never Been So Terrified EA Honcho Doesn't Want To Piss Off Dead Space Fans, Still Wants To Scare Them Reggie Shows Jimmy Fallon How To Flick Throwing Stars With The Wii U Controller


    Awww. Sometimes I wish I could get a dog so I can just watch it sleeping. Do you have a pet Mark?

      Yeah, they are cute... but my 16 week old puppy just destroyed an xbox controller on the weekend. I wouldn't have minded so much of she'd chosen one of the older ones but of course she picked the nice new one.

        Sorry to hear that. Your pup now needs to sleep extra long for her cuteness to replace the broken controller :-)

    on a side note, went into my local GAME this morning and as soon as I walked in, "sorry we are closed" but you just opened I said. I was then informed they just got the phone call and I watched them close the doors for good. :( its a sad day

      Yup, Woodgrove (Melton) store closed

    Wow, you'd think management would be nice enough to tell them that the day before instead straight after opening.

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