While You Were Sleeping

Urgh. It's so bloody cold outside. But in our office the heating is cranked. I could fall asleep again. BUT I WON'T. I SHAN'T. Not until you've been given your daily dose of news from overnight!

First off there is Blizzard stuff. Diablo III seems to have been lumbering from one disaster to the next — it's not a bad game at all, but the decision to implement online only single player seems to have backfired massively. Now it appears as though Diablo III's latest update is blocking some players from gaining XP.

And now, Blizzard has come out and stated that Starcraft on Wii U might work. That's a positive sign for the console, and I'd really like to see the team try and make it a reality. I think it's a cool idea.

Mike Tyson will be in the next WWE wrestling game, these are the first details on the PS Vita's upcoming Call of Duty game, and this is the free-to-play Square-Enix game you've never heard of.

In Short Diablo III's Latest Update Blocks Some Players From Gaining XP Blizzard Says Starcraft On Wii U Might Work First Details On The PS Vita's Upcoming Call Of Duty Game The Free-To-Play Square Enix Online Game You've Never Heard Of Mike Tyson Will Be In The Next WWE Wrestling Game


    Starcraft TWO Mark. Starcraft could run on a SNES.

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