While You Were Sleeping

Wake up everyone! This is your alarm. It's 9am and if you're probably at work looking for a reason to not start work, look no further! This is While You Were Sleeping — your round up of the news that went down overnight.

Well, this didn't exactly go down overnight, it happened yesterday afternoon. You may remember Kotaku Australia regular Katie Williams wrote this great piece about her experience at E3. She received some criticism, and responded in a brilliant way at her own personal blog. If you have time, I think you should read it.

This is another good piece, an interview with Peter Moore about EA and the future of how games will be sold. I've just skimmed over it, but plan to make myself a lovely cup of tea and peruse through it soon. Probably once I've finished writing this post!

This Minecraft short film is amazing, watch these guys beat Diablo III on its toughest setting, and apparently Valve is giving away Portal 2 to schools!

In Short The Best Minecraft Short Film I've Ever Seen Watch These Guys Beat Diablo III On Its Most Unforgiving Difficulty Setting The Strange, Scary, Exciting Future Of Video Game According To A Giant Valve Gives Away Portal 2 For Free To Teachers With Steam For School So What If I'm A Woman Let Me Play The Game


    And Mode7 released a video of the upcoming iPad version of Frozen Synapse: youtu.be/jY8bEZyQTVk

    Katie's comments on how she was treated at uni really bummed me out. I know the gaming sector has issues but reading those comments really brought it home how far we have to go. This was also coupled with a phone call I witnessed at my local Dick Smith where a customer rang and demanded to speak to a male employee as he thought the female would have no idea what he was asking about.

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