While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! How are you? Good? That's great. Welcome to 'While You Were Sleeping', the place where we round up all the biggest/most interesting news that went down overnight.

Last night was clearly all about DLC.

The Mass Effect 3 new ending DLC is, of course, the most controversial — with some people glad to see Bioware responding to complaints about the ending, and others feeling a bit sad it bowed to pressure. Regardless, what's done is done. The extended ending is here, and if you want to watch it instead of playing it, you can head here. Spoilers abound, obviously.

Dawnguard is the DLC content for Skyrim, and it's buried quite deep in the game. Want to know how to find it? Watch this nifty little clip.

Oh man. FarmVille 2. It is coming. Apparently the Wii U won't be expensive like the 3DS was, and Japanese politicians are thinking about building a real-life Gundam.

In Short: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Adds New Ending Option, Watch It Now [Spoilers] Farmville 2 Is Coming Soon This Is How You Start Skyrim's Brand New Dawnguard Quest Wii U Won't Be Expensive Like The 3DS Was Japanese Politicians Are Thinking About Building Real Working Gundam


    Saw the goodgame piece last night. Not taking the piss Mark, that is one cool accent.

    It's our favourite dead tired kangaroo again!

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