While You Were Sleeping: E3 Edition

And after the trailers and conferences come the hands on. We have a lot of them, and a lot more to come throughout the day. Got E3 fatigue yet? I kinda have, but I enjoy these next few days more, when we get real details on all the games revealed on Day 0. Head inside, there's plenty to check out.

Halo 4. It's gone from, 'why are they making this game' to 'this is the game I want more than oxygen itself'. As an old man who fears change, I found this news to be a relief — Halo 4 will still contain the solid core multiplayer that we all know and love. Well, that I know and love at least.

But this is my favourite piece coming in overnight — a 12 minute conversation with a genuine legend in the games industry: John Carmack. If you watch/read one thing this morning I would suggest this.

And now the bad news — it looks as though The Last Of Us won't be out this year. I had expected this, but sort of hoped it was a 'surprise! Here is the incredible game you didn't know was coming' situation. It's not.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance — look, I love Platinum Games, but I've never been convinced of this game since I heard about the developer switch. I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Apparently the new Gears of War campaign gets harder as you get better, this report on just how many people got brutally murdered during the E3 conferences is interesting, and apparently the Wii U can't stand up!

In Short Why The Wii U Literally Can't Stand Up Carmack Being Carmack: 12 Minutes With One Of Video Gaming's Smartest People New Gears Of War Campaign Gets Harder As You Get Better The Sony And Microsoft E3 Murder Report Slayer Multiplayer In Halo 4 Feels Familiar With Better Sounding Pew Pews The Last Of Us Won't Be Out This Year Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Screens Are Bloody Point And Dangerously Cool


    I'm with you on Revengeance, Mark. I'm going to choose to consider this as one of the non-core fluff games until I hear otherwise.

    You seriously aren't convinced about Revengeance? I think it was probably the best desicion they could have made. They wanted to make a frenetic action slasher/beatem up, so they handed it to a studio known for making excellent games in the style. You can already see Platinums experience showing through the gameplay demo with the way the characters stagger their attacks rather than swarm you at once & how the Gecko's claws glow red for a moment before it attacks you (giving you a warning to parry). Also, some of the main things Bayonetta and Vanquish had more then enough of was style, attention to detail, and most importantly, responsiveness.

      I don't want to speak for Mark, but I suspect that it wasn't the choice of developer that worries him so much as the choice of genre and overall direction of the game. At least that's what I'm worried about.

      Also - and this is all me now - the focus so far has been almost entirely upon swordplay... where's the story? The Metal Gear Solid E3 and TGS trailers from many moons ago were my all time favourite trailers ever for years, and I played them over and over and over again for ages, trying to glean any little story nuggets I could from them while I waited for the game to drop. I worry that Revengeance is going to be a shallow title with a phoned-in plot and only a loose connection to the Metal Gear universe and ethos.

      One last thing: the ultra-violent trailer possibly came at a bad time alongside The Last Of Us, which promises weighty, consequence-ridden violence (hopefully in limited doses), where Revengeance seems to revel in gratuitously bloody kills of unsuspecting enemies... something that doesn't exactly jive with previous Metal Gear games, nor with the overall (perceived) direction of mature story-based gaming in general.

      Not saying it won't be great (it well might be), just saying it might not be for me.

      My $0.02.

        I see what you're saying, but the point i'm using for reference is the link between Raiden's actions in the cutscenes of MGS4 and actual gameplay. It won't be anything like other MGS games because it's not really a MGS game, it's a game set in the MGS world with a completely different character.

        I'm not sure about the story though, they have hinted at deeper goings on, but again Raiden's character isn't the type to sneak in and procure info without being noticed (post MGS2 anyway!) he's the type to slice gekkos in half in midair, so a focus on showing how that is possible in gameplay is probably more important to the developers right now than story driven trailers. They have tried to do some different stuff with those live action trailers, that gave me the impression that the game is going to be more like an origin story for Raiden, it's a modern setting but it will deal with what made him the way he is today, fleshing out his back story as a child soldier and how he actually came to be the new Grey Fox.

    From the demo I saw with the developers it looks awesome! Great feel and combat ala bayonetta+vanquish, which is exactly what fits with Raiden as the cyborg ninja. The level of polish in a game that is still over 6 months away looked top notch, nice menus and GUI smooth animations and lots of interaction with the enemies and environment, which is definitely a good sign.

    I'm very optimistic on MG:R I think it makes complete sense to switch to a developer whose style fits with the character and intent, i just wouldn't make sense having Raiden stalk around like Snake, it looks like the game play really does bridge the gap between the cut scenes in MGS4 and actual hands on gameplay. I'm also hoping it fleshes out the MG world in a different way (much like SW1313 looks like it is doing, having a SW game without jedis/sith/gungans) giving you a different perspective on snake and the other characters in a future setting, which hasn't really been done yet for MGS. Especially since the next MGS/OGRE is almost certainly set in Zanzibar, which is another flashback setting like MGS3 was (nothing wrong with that!).

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