Why Does PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale's YouTube Page Have A Tag For Super Smash Bros.?

Some might say that Sony's upcoming brawl game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, is something of a Super Smash Bros. clone. Maybe Sony agrees.


    Maybe Sony does agree, or maybe it's just a ploy to get publicity? It just means that when people search for Super Smash Bros. related videos (which will probably happen a lot if Nintendo announces it for 3DS at E3), All-Stars Battle Royal will turn up as well. Pretty smart if anything.


    Riveting article. Maybe because the games are similar.

    Maybe who gives a shit?
    Smash Bro's is an awesome game, if Sony copies some of that forumla then who cares?
    Would you rather a shitty game thats completely different or a great game thats similar to Smash Bros

    Gawd , really wish people who stop harping on about this. Its been done to death...

      Both options are lousy - I'd prefer a great game with its own ideas.

      When there is a great game that's similar to smash bros, let me know. None of them have ever been any good.

        Actually, tell a lie - Shoen Jump Super and Ultimate Stars was great.

    They'd be dumb not to have the tag there, they'd wanna steal hits from people looking for smash bros, and it makes sense that this game would appeal to smash bros fans.

    From another video I watched, I thought it was more like that other party-fighter on the PS2, with Solid Snake, and Optimus Prime, than super smash brothers.
    or that D.O.N. game.

    Maybe because it appeals to the same people??

    Jeez.. next they'll be asking about obligatory "strange" tags.

    Honestly, who cares if Sony wanted to make its own Smash Bros game?
    I don't know about you guys but I'd rather play with an entirely new cast of characters rather than the same roster every release plus a few new characters.
    Plus, it's not like whatever genre these games fall under is overcrowded. Nintenyearolds also need to realize Nintendo isn't exactly full of original ideas either. How many Mario games are there now?
    When Nintendo put the word "new" in front of the same game year after year, people eat that shit up, but when Sony decide to make their own version of something still quite fresh, all hell breaks loose. I just don't get that.
    I couldn't give a shit what people say either way though, I'm buying it and I'm sure it will be great.

    Half the people commenting don't understand sarcasm.

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